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Cycling isn’t just for keeping fit, it can be a lot of fun too. But to make it fun you have to look after yourself whilst out on the road and you have to do things that can make the bike ride more enjoyable. You can do this by following these simple steps.

Stop muscle fatigue:

Have you ever noticed that when you get off your bike your muscles feel achy and tired? This could be a result of working your muscles more than you usually would and you could have poor posture when cycling. I recommend not hunching your shoulders forward, and tilting your head every few minutes to prevent tight neck muscles. I also suggest that every now and again you stop to admire the scenery and stretch your legs a bit. Don’t overdo it! You’ll have much more fun by taking frequent breaks from cycling and keeping your neck muscles moving.

Keep your position central:

You should never put too much weight forward of the front axle. This could cause the rear wheel to skip up and will make the bike difficult to handle. By keeping your weight central you will be keeping the cycle easy to handle and will prevent any air time from the wheels. The last thing you want is to be thrown off your bike – that sure isn’t fun.

Cycle insurance:

Do you know what really isn’t fun? Having your bike stolen or damaged whilst you’re out and about. This can easily happen to anybody, which is why bicycle insurance is becoming a necessity for the modern day cyclist. Insurance will keep your bike protected should it be stolen or damaged and will keep your purse happy too when you don’t have to buy a new bike.

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Have a relaxed grip:

Muscle tension is no fun at all, and something as simple as relaxing your grip and draping your hands over the handlebars can help to ease it. When the road traffic isn’t too busy, practice draping your hands over the handlebars so you can ease any muscle tension. However, only do this is traffic isn’t too busy. You need to be in control of your bike at all times, especially when the road is busy and there could be a collision if you’re not careful.

Be careful in wet weather:

Cycling in wet weather is never fun, and you need to be particularly careful during the first 10 minutes of a rainstorm. During the first 10 minutes is when oil and debris rise to the surface of the road before being washed away. This is the time when the road will be at its most treacherous. Beware of road markings, these will be slippy during the whole rainstorm and could easily cause you to slip off your bike.

There you have it. Some very simple tips to truly enhance your cycling life. Be careful out on the roads, particularly when the weather is horribly wet. And make sure you insure your cycle against any potential theft and damage. And always remember to stop frequently and admire the scenery. This will make your cycling experience much more fun and relaxing.

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