Steak is a meal that’s loved by a lot of people, me included. But, it isn’t the easiest meal to get right. That’s probably the reason I have always left cooking steak up to someone else, until now that is!

Steve Pooley, Chef Director at Jamie Oliver has shared his expert advice in the inforgraphic below, to make sure you have melt in your mouth steak every time. It covers everything from what cut of meat to ask for, right through to seasoning, cooking and serving suggestions.

I recently had the most delicious steak which was cooked by my sisters partner, it was delicious! I asked for the recipe and although I have it, I still wasn’t sure I could re-create the delicious meal he made. Now I feel more confident in giving it a go, knowing which cut of meat to ask for and how to prepare and cook it.

I can’t wait to use the tips below to create the perfect steak this weekend.


If you want to head out to enjoy a perfectly cooked steak then why not head to Barbecoa Jamie Oliver. There are two branches in London, where you can enjoy a meal you won’t forget in a hurry.

I would love to know your top tip when cooking steak, or your favourite seasonings?

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