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Working from home can be a little stressful because there are so many distractions and temptations. If you are sitting on the couch during working hours, you will more than likely be tempted to turn on the TV, text your friends or just chill out.

However, a home office can change your mentality. Instead of being tempted to do all the things you know you shouldn’t be doing, you can simply close the door to your office, sit at your desk and get to work. It can therefore change your mindset and, of course, your productivity. So, if you want to be inspired in your workplace, check out the following inspirational home office ideas that will boost your creativity.

A Beautiful Desk 

You will be spending a lot of time at your desk, so make sure you select one that suits your taste. If you love contemporary chic styles, you should consider a white gloss office desk from Danetti, which can be effortlessly stylish and will perfectly complement your desk accessories.

However, if you appreciate a more traditional style, a classic mahogany desk could be the perfect addition to your new office. You could, however, opt for a more rustic look with a desk made from natural, unstained wood.

Add Some Colour 

The colour of your home office can impact your mood. Working life can be stressful so it is best to opt for calming, positive colours, such as teal, yellow or blue. While you might be head over heels in love with the colour red, it can be perceived as an angry shade so it might not be the best option for your office interior. Black can also be another negative colour in the workplace, unless teamed up with brighter shades.

A Touch of Nature 

You might be surprised to learn that incorporating a plant into an office environment can boost productivity by 15%. You should therefore add a beautiful plant, flowers or even a cactus to your desk or somewhere in the room, which will create a more positive atmosphere as you work.

The Best Lighting 

Try to position your home office by a window so you can enjoy plenty of natural light. If there is limited light from a window, pick your artificial lighting carefully as it will determine your mood and performance. A desk lamp can be a handy source of light, but you must turn on a ceiling light once the sun goes down, because working in the dark can affect your eyesight.

A Fashionable Bookcase 

Organisation is important in any workplace, including within a home office. You should, therefore, have a handy place to store important documents, books or stationery, and a bookcase is the perfect place to grab and display your essential items. To keep all your documents in one place, you can opt for a beautiful box, which can fit perfectly onto a shelf whilst complementing your interior design. You can also showcase personalise items, such as family photos, trinkets and industry awards.

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