A wise man once said, “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled”.

Vacations are a time to be excited, and by the time we get to the airport we can practically feel or smell our new destination, wherever that may be, we board with confidence – 9 hours? We got this. However, after the initial excitement passes and the complementary drink is a distant memory, we have 6 hours left, and we don’t got this…. Your flight should be a positive experience, and a way to begin your holiday so read on for some top tips on how to make it a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Luxurious Loungewear

Chances are, you’ve got an array of beautiful outfits ready for when you reach your destination; whether that’s fashionable city slicker or bohemian beach babe – and you’ve probably given SOME thought to comfort levels whilst travelling.

We all want to travel in style – but if you want to travel in style, you have to put waaaay more thought into your outfit. We all know that Kate Moss was discovered at JFK – so dress to impress at the airport, but pack another set of clothes for the duration of the flight.

This is the start of your vacation, so let’s opt for a little luxury – that means leaving your old PJ bottoms with a bit of dried ketchup from a late night McDonald’s trip at home. I’m talking brushed cotton co-ords, cashmere socks (I love anything from here) and a super-soft super stylish long cardigan or wrap to top off the outfit and keep you warm.

This is ‘hair up, sweats on’ taken to new heights of luxury. Think of an ultra-glam, ultra-comfortable, movie night in with the girls….

NetFlix and Binge

Which brings me on to my next point nicely. Whether you are travelling long haul or short haul be sure to load up your device of choice with those TV series, documentaries or movies that you’ve been meaning to watch for ages!

If you are anything like me, there’s a sudden rush of excitement as you scroll through the inflight media, only to realise that it mainly consists of some rom-coms and re-runs of Friends or New Girl; which is fine….but leaves you feeling slightly disappointed. Especially if you have 8 or so hours to fill.

You MUST remember spare battery packs like these – not all of the airlines provide charging points (yes, even though it is 2016!). I’ve been caught on a short haul flight with no electronic device, and believe me – there is only so many times you can flick through the duty-free magazine.

Mini Pamper Pack

Flying is going to play HAVOC with your skin. The pressurised environment of the cabin will literally suck the moisture from your skin, leaving it dull and dehydrated. When you couple this with the stress and anxiety that often comes with travelling and irritants in the air you have a recipe for potential skin disaster.

Before flying, be sure you use a moisturising face mask with natural ingredients such as avocado, honey or olive oil. Remove your make up before flying, cleanse and tone your skin in the departure lounge and put on a deep moisturiser in a thicker layer than you would usually apply, opt for a classic such as Astral or Liz Earle 8 Hour Cream.

Apply the cream every few hours and pack some hydrating face spritz; you can make your own with rose water and lavender, or an old classic like Evian. You may even want to regularly apply eye drops and lip balm too.

Flying is the perfect time to give yourself a mini manicure; you will be fairly limited in the tools that you can take on board but be sure you pack an emery board, cuticle cream and pusher.  While you are at it, put those cashmere socks to good use and pop on a peppermint foot cream to lock in some moisture to ensure your toes are holiday ready!

You’ve probably been so excited that you haven’t caught up on your sleep – so set aside some time to catch 40 winks. Bring your prettiest eye mask (even pop a cooling gel one underneath too!), your best headphones or ear plugs and snuggle into your cardigan safe in the knowledge your skin, hands and feet are protected from the drying effects of flying.


Airline food? Dull Dull Dull. It is also seriously lacking in the nutrient department, making you feel tired and sluggish.

Contrary to popular opinion, you are able to take some food through airport security so here are some top snacks to take with you on a flight (buy branded ones from a supermarket that are still sealed to make the process easier);

  • Vegetable sticks
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Protein Bars
  • PopCorn
  • Herbal Tea Bags

Make sure that you have a large, nutritious meal and a green smoothie before your flight to prevent you from binging on high crab, high sugar super processed food on board.

In the name of hydration, I would seriously reconsider having one too many tipples on your flight. No one will judge you for indulging in the odd bottle of prosecco (you are on holiday for Christ’s sake!) but make sure that you are regularly drinking water to offset the dry air cabin conditions and prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Bring along some Vitamin C or Energy supplements to super power your water.

There you have it; a few areas that can make all the difference to the beginning and end of your vacation. Embrace it, relax and make ‘I got this’ your mantra for the journey. Have a great trip!

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