The last room anyone thinks about to look after is usually the bathroom. Considering how much it gets used on a daily basis, it’s often a shock to realise it’s become old and a little dated. One of life’s little luxuries is the ability to run a hot bath and kick back after a long day. The thing is, no one wants to do that in a bathroom that is crumbling a little!

Tiles on the walls don’t last forever, and the sealant around the edge of the bath peels away with the constant flow of water over it. The steam that fills the room can affect the paintwork and the sinks and toilets could use a replacement after fifteen or so years. Keeping up with a more modern look with rainforest showers and wide automatic taps is something everyone should be able to look forward to. With the ability to design, make and buy bathrooms online that are unique to your own room measurements, the world is your oyster.

To be able to fully pick from a ‘menu’ of bathroom accessories without having to actually go and see a designer is pure fun! Start with taking the time to cut out ideas of your ideal bathroom space from magazines and make a mood board like these ones, so when you speak to a bathroom designer you can start putting your vision together piece by piece. So, what should you be thinking about for your bathroom? What do you truly need? Well, this is individual.

The Bath

If you have a family to think about, you’ll want to install things with rounded edges and less corners and you want to make sure you have a bath installed. Your bath could be one built into the wall, or you could go for that touch of luxury with a freestanding, claw-footed bath instead. Changing out the taps from standard hot or cold to a waterfall bath tap gives your entire bath a new look. you could even go for wall mounted taps that are separate to the bath, giving you somewhere to rest those tired feet!

The Lighting

Think about it. Ambience and mood are key to being able to lay back and enjoy the lavender bubbles you’re relaxing in. You could have lamps mounted to the walls that have a different bulb wattage than those on the ceiling.

The Heating

Luxury soaks require warmed towels to wrap up in afterward. Having a heated towel rail installed in your bathroom can make the whole room look upmarket and modern. It’s all about the little details in the bathroom, especially as it’s usually the smallest room in the house.

Now you’ve redesigned your entire bathroom and given it those luxury upgrades, you can sit back, relax and unwind all of life’s little stresses in your brand-new tub. There’s never a good time to have the one and only bathroom redesigned but the faster you get some help on board with you, the faster you can have a beautiful new bathroom!

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