How to Help a Friend Quit Smoking

Most of us have that one friend who seems to be constantly on the cusp of giving up for smoking. For good this time. It’s important to remember to never force your friend into quitting – they need to decide that for themselves. However, once they’ve made that crucial step why not consider making them a care package to help them give up their addiction? There’s a number of thoughtful and helpful things you can give to them.  

Stop Smoking Book  

Giving up smoking is a huge challenge for anyone taking it on. Your friend will face withdrawal symptoms, including physical cravings and emotionally draining mood swings. As their friend, there is only so much you can do for them. By buying them a stop smoking book written by an expert, it can give them the professional help they need during the difficult process.  

Vape Kit  

Over 3 million people vape in the UK and 40% of this number is people who are trying to give up smoking. Health experts have said they think vaping should be available for prescription as they help so many people stop smoking. So a vape kit could really help your friend, and be so much healthier for them in the long run. VIP offer a great range of products for first time vapers.  You can pick flavours your friend will like and pick the amount of nicotine for them.  

Chewing Gum  

Chewing gum can act as a great distraction for someone who is trying to quit smoking. Say for instance if they fancy a cigarette they can have a piece of gum instead. Their hands can focus on unwrapping the gum and their mouth can focus on the chewing. Not to mention it definitely is better for their breath rather than a cigarette. You could also give them carrot sticks – something for them to snack on that’s healthy –  and serving as a distraction for keeping nicotine cravings at bay.  

Concert Tickets  

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a concert. The main point of this one is that it’s a fun, indoor activity. Your friend will be far less tempted to venture into the smoking area if all the main action is happening inside. It could also be a trip to the theatre or a spa day. Whichever you think your friend will enjoy the most!  

Do you think this list missed anything? What would you put in a quit smoking care package?

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