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How to Hygge Your Home 

It was only recently that I really started paying attention to ‘hygge’, even though I know it’s something that’s been around for a while now.  

If you’re only just getting to grips with it, too, this trend is all about making your home cosy, warm and inviting – everything you’d want it to be.  

Originating from Scandinavia, the real draw of hygge is the fact that it’s not about making your home look as stylish as possible. Rather, it’s about introducing heart-warming touches that really add to its welcoming vibe.  

So this got me thinking, how can you bring hygge to your home without spending a fortune? 

  1. Introduce Candles

To bring a real warm glow to the room, there’s nothing quite like a candle or two. When you turn the lights off so your candles are the only illumination, this really adds to the ambience you’ve created.  

Strategically-placed tea lights and large church candles work wonders, as do scented candles from the likes of Neom Organics. Designed to help you unwind, relax and forget about the troubles of the day, adding certain smells to your home embraces the heart of hygge.  

  1. Add Cosy Cushions and Throws

Now you’ve set the mood with candles, you need to feel comfortable and snuggled when you sit back and relax. So that means filling your living space with plenty of cushions and throws. 

These soft finishing touches don’t just add warmth to the room, either, as they also help soften edges and unite stylish touches to further enhance the serenity of this room.  

  1. Bring in Fresh Flowers 

Now it’s time to bring the outdoors in using freshly-picked flowers from your garden (or local supermarket!). These are brilliant for adding a touch of Zen and will introduce another fragrance to the room, boosting its richness and vitality.  

  1. Listen to Some Music 

Another key part of hygge is relaxing music – but music you can hear without having to look at the unsightly appearance of hi-fi systems and wires. Ideally, you’ll need to use your computer or phone to play music or install a hidden speaker (wireless ones are ideal). This will ensure the music is adding to the feel of the room without detracting anything from it.  

Overall, then, it’s clear hygge isn’t something you can ‘buy’ for your home – it’s a state of mind.  

Introduce those accessories that make you feel chilled and as the relaxing space you’ve envisioned becomes a reality, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of hygge moments. For example, I think there’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa by a roaring fire, listening to music and drinking a glass of wine.

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