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Whatever style we choose, long or short, we all want thick, bouncy, fabulous hair. Because limp, weak hair that breaks or falls out with just simple brushing is frustrating. In this busy world, it’s easy to neglect and damage our hair. Forgetting to use protective spray, using straighteners that are too hot, we’ve all done it. We all know the negative effects that traditional styling can cause, but there are other factors that we don’t think of that can cause problems. Having the occasional bad hair day is normal but every day is exasperating. The good news is there are simple and natural ways to improve the health of hair.

To understand the different problems that occur, it’s important to understand what hair is. Hair is made of keratin protein and grows from follicles in the scalp. Think of it as a plant, the hair is like the plant and the scalp is like the dirt. Just as poor soil will not produce good plants, a damaged scalp will not produce glamorous hair. Here are some ways to enhance and boost your hair and scalp naturally. Practice good overall health habits and use these tips to help improve your hair’s quality and growth naturally from the inside out. Hair needs vitamins and protein to grow naturally.

  1. Choose to eat healthy and take a multi-vitamin and eat more gelatin. Use a vitamin shampoo made with natural ingredients. Traditional shampoos have ingredients that can damage the scalp and hair.
  2. Protect your hair from sun and water damage. Wear a hat when exposing your hair to the sun for long periods. If you are going swimming in a pool, wear a swim cap, be sure and wash the chlorine out of your hair afterwards.
  3. Use natural oils. Treatments made from coconut oil, avocado oil or sweet almond oil will improve dry scalp and hair.
  4. Decrease the amount of time styling hair with heat from blow dryers or curling irons.
  5. Do not wash your hair every day. Washing the hair strips it of natural oils. A good way to replenish these oils is to wash your hair with an egg. Eggs are full of protein and are a good way to replenish protein in the hair.
  6. When hair is wet, it is more susceptible to damage. Use a wide toothcomb and be gentle when trying to get out tangles.
  7. Get plenty of sleep. Just like your body, the hair needs time to renew itself. Stress is a cause of hair loss. Try to eliminate stress.
  8. Trim the ends. The ends of the hair are the first to show damage because they are the farthest from the scalp. Even a small amount of trimming that removes split ends helps hair to grow.
  9. Never tease your hair, this causes damage and breakage because it lifts and tears the hair follicle.
  10. Massage the scalp with rosemary essential oil to increase circulation of the scalp.

To help improve hair, practice good overall health habits and use these tips to help improve your hair’s quality and growth naturally from the inside out. I will be following the steps above to help improve my hair after years of damage from heat products and styling. Here’s to beautiful, thick, bouncy hair for 2016!

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