Your Diet

Cut down on sugar. Although a lot of people think that eating fat is the easiest way to gain weight, the truth is that sugar is a lot more dangerous to your body. Stop adding sugar to your tea and coffee, and cut down on sweet treats like cookies and cakes.

Make food from scratch. A lot of sauces and ready meals that you buy from stores are full of additives, chemicals and added sugar. Although ‘clean eating’ is really a fad and you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it, it is important to know what exactly goes into your food so that you can stay as healthy as possible.

Make your portion size smaller. The key to weight loss and getting healthy is to remember that it’s okay to eat everything but in moderation. There’s no point in cutting yourself off from your favourite food completely – just remember to eat a couple of squares of chocolate instead of the whole bar in future.

Your Fitness

Start walking. If you aren’t very physically fit and you’re nervous about starting to exercise, then the best way to start off and make yourself feel better is by walking. Not only will it increase your stamina and general fitness but it’ll also get you out and about and into the habit of being active. Go for a walk around the block when you get home, get off the train a stop early every evening, or borrow your neighbour’s dog for the afternoon.

Join a class. Going to the gym can be boring – who really wants to spend ages on a treadmill by themselves? If that doesn’t sound like much fun to you, then why not join a class to make fitness into a more fun, sociable activity? If you want a little more inner zen then go for yoga, if core strength is your focus then try out pilates, and if you want to dance and laugh as well as get fit then Zumba might just be for you!

Work out at home. If you don’t feel as though you’re ready to brave the gym just yet then why not try out your own exercise routine at home? Do a fitness routine from a YouTube video or simply try doing some sit ups and press ups and stretches every morning when you get out of bed. You could also try out Couch To 5K if you’d like to become a runner.

Your Home

Declutter your home. There’s nothing more depressing than grey, dreary surroundings. If your home’s starting to get a little cluttered and dusty then it’s time for you to start doing something about that. Break it down into manageable tasks – do one room a day when you get home from work and focus on something like the surface clutter rather than forcing yourself to do a deep clean. Give away everything that isn’t either useful or beautiful.

Update your design. If you’re sick of your house looking the way that it does then maybe it’s time for a cheap and easy overhaul. Look online for advice from people like Stephen Bradley before deciding what exactly you want your home to be – maybe you could paint the walls a different colour or add splashes of colour to each room to liven up the neutral shades that you have there. If you want to make your home flow better then make sure there’s plenty of floor space.

Your Mental Health

Watch out for draining people. If you have any friends who seem to take more from you than they give back, it’s probably time to start gently pulling back from them. You don’t have to cut them off forever – that’s a little excessive! But if anyone leaves you exhausted after you’ve spent time with them, then it might be time to adjust your friendship with them to give yourself more time and energy.

Go to the doctor. In this day and age we often spend so much time looking after other people that we neglect our own mental health. If you find yourself feeling abnormally tired, anxious, or not taking pleasure from your usual activities then don’t brush this under the rug – go to the doctor and explain the way that you feel to them so that you can get some help, as you might be suffering from depression or anxiety. Remember not to feel ashamed if that’s the case – more and more people are suffering from those illnesses these days and the best way to stay happy and functional is to take care of yourself.

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