If you’re a seasoned traveller, chances are you have hundreds, if not thousands of photos chronicling your every move. If so, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t always exactly look your best in all of them. That’s fine, after all, travel can take its toll, but it can be kind of embarrassing when the time comes to show off your holiday snaps. So, what if I told you that it is possible to look fab in every holiday photo?

You really can. Just check out these top tips for looking more photogenic on your travels to find out how:


A Few months before you set off on your travels, start preparing yourself by using Crest whitening products to give you a perfect smile, having regular waxing sessions to ensure that hair growth is at a minimum while you’re away, and by spending some quality time in the tanning studio. Then, by the time you get on the plane, you’ll be looking your best with little maintenance required.

Pack Carefully

One reason why we often look a bit dishevelled on our holidays is because our clothes are crumpled and messy. This is especially true when we’re travelling for extended periods. In order to combat this, it is never a bad idea to pack clothes that can stand up to being packed and unpacked regularly. Long flowing maxi dresses are probably your best bet.

Low-Maintenance Hair

If you have a hairstyle that requires a lot of looking after, unless you want to spend half your holiday caring for it, it might be beneficial to visit the local hairdresser, or call up a friend and have them help you change your hair. If your hair is long, braiding it is a good way to keep it looking pretty come what may, and it’s an easy style to redo when you’re enjoying your time away.

Best Face Forward

When you’re having your photo taken, always push your head slightly forward. It will probably feel a bit awkward and embarrassing at first, but it will make your face look thinner, your double chin will disappear, and your jawline will look more defined than ever before.

Show them Your Best Side

There are few of us who look good from any angle, and they’ve probably gone on to be models and movie stars, which means that, if you want to look good in all of your holiday snaps, you should work out what your best side is and try to pose so that it’s caught in as many pictures as possible. One thing’s for sure, staring straight ahead rarely makes for a pretty picture, or an interesting one either!


If you’re too busy exploring to give much thought to your makeup, at least apply a light foundation with a bit of blush and a highlighter. This won’t take very long, and it’ll stop your face looking flat. Just be careful not to use a foundation that is too light, or you’ll look deathly pale in your holiday snaps.

What do you do to ensure you’re picture perfect on holiday?

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