How to Plan and Deliver A Terrific Client Visit Experience In Your Office

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Having a customer or a client visit your office for the very first time should be a delightful and pleasantly memorable experience for the visitor. A terrific client visit can increase the confidence and faith that your customer has in you and your organization. There are many unique and interesting ways in which you can give your client the ultimate visit experience. We have compiled a list of things you can consider doing to make sure that the customer’s visit was worth his while. Here’s what you can do:  

Be Prepared For The Arrival Of Your Client  

For your client to have a terrific visit experience at your office, you and your staff members need to be well prepared for the arrival of the customer. For instance, if the client is arriving from out of town, ensure that a car is sent to the airport to pick him up and even to drop him back once his trip is complete. If your client does not have a mode of transport to get around from the office to the hotel and other places, make sure you organize some comfortable form of transport for him. You can also put together a list of must-visit tourist spots and restaurants for your client if he is staying on for a longer period. 

Body Language Plays A Vital Role In Client Interaction And Their Overall Experience  

Another guaranteed way to give your client the ultimate visitor experience is by being genuinely interactive, warm, welcoming and attentive. Make sure that all the staff members smile when being introduced to the client for the first time. Further, when having discussions with the client for work-related matters, ensure that you maintain eye contact to build their faith and confidence in you and your organization. A person who avoids eye contact when talking can come across as a pretender or a cheater.  

Keep Food Readily Available For Clients  

If a client has come to your office directly from back to back meetings, there are very high chances that he may not have had the chance to grab a bite. You need to keep good food handy in the office to ensure that your client does not remain hungry when visiting you. Alternatively, you can also order some food if your office is located in a commercial area where several restaurants offer delivery services. Make sure you offer coffee, tea and a meal to your client when he visits your office.  

Install Artificial Landscaping Products In Your Office For Visual Pleasure  

Another way to leave an excellent impression on the mind of your client is by decorating your office space with lifelike and realistic faux landscaping products. There are several different varieties of faux plants, trees, and flowers available for you to choose from. You can install palm trees, bamboo trees, bonsai plants, bushes, hedges, flowering plants, succulents, cacti and several others. You can install the tall trees and plants in the corners of the office. The cabins can be decorated with the faux bonsai plants. Flower arrangements can be used as centerpieces on the conference room table and so on. The artificial landscaping products add color and life to the office, making the work area a more inspiring and motivating place to work in.  

Give Your Office Walls A Interesting Twist 

No one, not even clients enjoy looking at dull and drab office walls. You can give the walls in your office an interesting twist by putting up office t-shirts in frames, pinning drawings and artworks made by the kids of the employees, sticking up photos of office parties and so on. Not only does this represent the culture of the employees and staff members but it also reflects the many passions of your staff members. Giving the walls this unique twist will leave a profound impact on the mind of your visitor. Visitors will realize that your company is not just concerned with raking in the moolah but also cares about the personal lives of employees and clients.  

Keep All Staff Members Prepared For The Client Visit  

All the staff members in your office should be prepared for the client visit. The employees should be told in detail about the client and his general profile. When the staff members interact with the client, they should be able to strike up a conversation about the client’s business, background and other relevant and important things. When a client sees how interactive and well informed the employees in your organization are, he is bound to be utterly impressed and will have an excellent visiting experience.  

Surprise Your Clients With Gifts  

Another effective way to ensure that your client has a terrific visit experience is to surprise him with gifts. Often many companies visit the hotel that the client is staying beforehand and have a welcome basket put in the room. You do not need to splurge on expensive things to fill the basket. Basic things like chocolates, fruits, a platter of local cheeses are more than enough to leave a positive impression on the mind of your client. You can also add a handwritten note to the basket mentioning how thrilled you are to have your client visit. If your client is from the same city itself, you can send out this assorted basket to his home or office as a Christmas gift.  

A satisfied and happy client will bring you more business and repeated business. You need to ensure that you do everything in your power to make sure that your clients always have the ultimate visit experience when visiting your office. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines, and we guarantee that your clients will be utterly impressed.  

Use warm and unique ways to ensure that your customers and clients have the ultimate visit experience when they visit your office. Always remember that keeping a client happy and feeling welcomed will have a tremendous impact on the overall business that you get from him.

*This is a guest post.  

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