How to Prepare for a Smooth-Sailing Education in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best countries to pursue your higher education at the moment, especially for those from the EU who can take advantage of the easier relocation and integration procedures. Still, like any long-term experience in a foreign country, you have to make sure that you have all details in order well before you even get there. From finances to accommodation, various things will pop up along the way, and dealing with them in the comfort of your current location is usually much better than having to worry about everything once you’ve arrived. This is especially true for students with more special visa requirements and other unique details to be considered. 

Financing Your Studies 

You’ll have to meet several requirements to study in Portugal, the most important one being the ability to support yourself. While you will be allowed to work in a limited capacity to support your studies, you’ll still need to show that you have enough saved up to stay funded for the entire period. This is done through verified bank accounts, and you’ll need to find out what the exact sum for the relevant year is set at. As for work, you’ll be limited to 20 hours a week as a student, with the only regular exception being vacation periods when you don’t have any classes. 

High-Grade Accommodation 

If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth checking out a higher-class accommodation option like Collegiate. When it comes to student accommodation, Portugal is quite diverse and offers a variety of opportunities, but you’ll make your experience significantly better and more exciting at a place like that which can cater to your needs properly. When you don’t have to worry about setting up an Internet contract, finding interesting people to hang out with at your residence, and knowing that everything is being taken care of in the background with minimal effort required on your part, few things can beat that experience. 

Pay Attention to the Town, Too 

It’s also important to choose your place of studies according to its environment, not just the university itself. While there are various subtle differences in the degree programs from one institution to the next, you’ll also get a great diversity in the kinds of people that you meet out on the streets and get to hang out with. This will have a huge impact on your studies in both the short and the long term, so pay attention to that detail and think carefully about where you truly want to live for the next few years. 

Other than that, get ready for an exciting experience, as Portugal keeps proving year after year to be one of the best opportunities for proper education combined with an interesting place to live in. While it can cost a bit more to set things up in a truly good way, the extra effort will be well worth it for every day you spend in the country. Start exploring your options now and find out what’s available to you – you won’t regret it later!

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