How to Spot If a Friend Needs Help with Their Health

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Part of being a good friend or relative is watching out for those you love. While you can’t be there for them at every moment of every day, you can do your best to keep an eye out for them. Sometimes when people are unhappy or need help, they won’t reach out to anyone. This could be because they won’t admit that they need help or because they don’t want to worry anyone, among other reasons. But if you watch out for some of the signs that someone you know could be ill or dealing with mental health issues, you can reach out and off your help.

Look Out for Changes in Mood

It’s not always easy to notice if someone’s general mood has changed. Even if they are feeling down, they might make an effort to hide it. However, if you do notice a change in someone’s mood, it could be an indication that something is wrong. If they seem unhappy or anxious a lot, or even if they seem erratic and excitable, you might need to talk to them. Mood swings or outbursts could also indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Ask them if they’re ok and if they would like to talk.

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Risky Behaviour

People can begin engaging in risky behaviour if they’re having a hard time or struggling with something. They might start consuming lots of alcohol or drugs, or they might take more risks of a different kind. It’s important to watch out for any signs that someone you know could be behaving in risky ways. One of the things that might help you is being able to spot the symptoms of heroin addiction and addiction to other drugs. You might be able to see if someone is drinking more than usual, but if they’re not generally a drug user, you could easily miss the signs.

Watch Out for Changes in Physical Appearance

Sometimes, a person’s physical appearance might change if they’re dealing with a health issue, which could be physical or mental. If you’re worried that someone has lost or gained a lot of weight, or you think they look tired a lot more than usual, you might want to talk to them about whether anything is wrong. It could be necessary for them to see a doctor or perhaps they could benefit from having someone to talk to.

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Being Less Social or Productive

Some people can become more withdrawn when they’re struggling with something. Others might also find it hard to do anything productive, sleep more or spend a lot of time procrastinating. These could be signs of depression or mental health problems. If you know someone who seems to have taken a step back from friends and family or other parts of their life, it could be cause for concern. Try talking to them to see how they’re feeling and whether anything else could be troubling them.

If you ever think a friend or relative is acting unusually, don’t jump to conclusions. You can offer help if you think they might need it, but keep in mind that many things could be going on.

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