How to Stop Traveling from Being so Intimidating 

When you’re travelling to a new destination, it can be a little intimidating; especially if you’re travelling to a big city like London.  

The minute you arrive in a new cityyou’ll be swept up by the fast, hectic pace of life. The sheer level of traffic and people making their way through the streets, not to mention the size of the city, can be really overwhelming for the first-time traveler. If you want to make your first trip to a new destination a stress-free, memorable one, here you’ll discover some great tips you can follow. 

Plan your journey 

One of the key tips to follow to make travelling easier, is to plan your journey in advance. This means not only planning how you’re going to get there and back, but how you’re going to navigate around the city too. Whether you’re travelling from Bristol to London, or from Luton to Bedfordplanning the route and accounting for any potential delays is essential.  

Take advantage of smartphone apps 

These days, there are thousands of travel apps available to download right to your smartphone. If you are travelling to a major UK city, you’ll typically find quite a few apps specializing in London travel. 

Many smartphones also come with great GPS features, as well as maps you can use to easily get around. Just make sure your mobile is fully charged before you set off. If you’re heading into London for example, the CityMapper app can be extremely useful at helping you to find your way around.  

Avoid travelling in peak times 

No matter which city you visit, you’ll want to avoid travelling during peak times if it’s your first time there. Rush hour can become particularly hectic in the city. Not only is travelling during these times extremely stressful, but it’s also more expensive. So, try to make sure you’re travelling out of peak times, both when you’re arriving and leaving.  

Travelling to a new location can be stressful and intimidating. However, with so many great apps available and the ability to plan your travel well in advance, it can make the experience that little more enjoyable. The tips above will help you to reduce the stress and focus on simply enjoying your new travel experience. Don’t forget to also work out public transport options while you’re there too as this will help you to get around the city with ease.  

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