How to Style a Refrigerated Display Cabinet

Many companies, big and small use display fridges to showcase their products. Shops, cafes, hotels, and restaurants are just a few of the businesses that use these devices but if care isn’t taken to display the content well then the display won’t have the maximum effect and benefit.

If you’re thinking about using a refrigeration display fridge (like those available from J&M Refrigeration) in your business or you’re looking for tips on making the most of your display then keep reading. Below I have shared some tips on creating a display that will wow your customers and capture their attention.

Don’t clutter your display

This is definitely a case of less is more. Store space is often limited so making the best use of the space you have available is essential and although it can be tempting to display as much as you can in a small space, that can have the opposite effect. Pick a selection of items you would like to promote and set up the display, you can always add or remove items as necessary.

Use lighting to enhance your products

Lighting can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your store’s display. If used well lighting can help enhance your products and draw customers attention, if it’s not used well it can detract from the look of your display. Try using soft lighting to showcase your products rather than harsh strip lighting which can cause a lot of shadowing.

Keep it seasonal

A great way to keep your display current is to keep it seasonal. You can take advantage of different holidays to promote your goods and catch your customer’s attention. Think hearts for valentines day, flowers for spring, pumpkins for autumn etc.

Update the display regularly

It’s important to regularly change your display so it doesn’t fade into the background. If the display is the same each time customers see it they will take less notice of the display and the products inside. Regularly changing the display will catch your customers eye and encourage them to look at the products.

Trial and error

Of course, as with many things, there will be some trial and error to find what works best for you. Try different things when you change your display, move the lighting, use more/fewer products, add colour, etc and see what works best for you. It’s worth keeping a record of the items you sell as a result of your display so you can track what’s working and implementing that strategy. You could even take photos each time you change the display so you can see how things were displayed over a certain period.

Do you have any helpful display tips to share?

*This is a collaborative post.

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