How to Survive a Lengthy Commute to Work

If you regularly dread the commute to or from work, it is time to stop. Instead of being annoyed by travelling into the office, view it as an opportunity to enjoy a little time to yourself. 

You can embrace a passion, hobby, or enjoy some much-needed downtime before or after a busy day. Regardless of whether you travel into the office by foot, bus, train, or car, find out how to survive a lengthy commute to work. 

Listen to Audiobooks 

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, driving, cycling, or boarding a bus into work, you can listen to an audiobook. It’s ideal for a busy traveller who hasn’t got the time to sit down and read a book. It’s a great way to occupy your time, learn something new, or finally get around to absorbing your favourite novel. 

Boost Your Knowledge 

Increase your knowledge by making time for learning on the commute to work. In addition to listening to or reading books, you could read the latest news articles and online tips to improve your personal or professional life.  

There are plenty of ways to boost your knowledge; for example, you can find out more about the latest home improvement ideas, or you could check out informative Unibet casino guides before you play a game of slots. 

Learn a Language 

Give yourself an advantage in your career by learning a language. It’s an effective way to maximise your commute to work, as there are audiobooks, apps, and guides online to help you master another language. You could even download an audiobook in another language once you’re confident with your new tongue, which could help you to put your knowledge into practice. 

Set Daily Goals 

Do you view the commute as a complete waste of your time each day? Well, it doesn’t need to be. Every time you’re on the commute to work, sit down and write a list of personal or professional goals you want to complete by the end of the day. 

For example, you could jot down if you need to call a client, arrange a meeting, or make a new business connection. It could also be as simple as picking up milk, calling a parent, or buying a new outfit. 

Strengthen Your Professional Network 

Another way to maximise your time is by strengthening your professional network. Use your time on a train or bus to reconnect with your associates, which could lead to you securing a new client or embracing a unique professional opportunity. So, drop someone an email, comment on their LinkedIn post, or arrange a coffee meeting. 

Call a Loved One 

Hectic working life can often stand in the way of your personal life. Don’t allow your career to negatively affect your relationships and call a loved one for a catch-up during the commute to or from work. It will help you to maintain your bond, so you can work hard knowing you have the full support of your relatives or friends.  

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