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How To Take Good Care Of Your Engagement Ring

You have probably spent months, if not many years, day dreaming of your ideal engagement ring. Now that the ring is finally a permaneneature on your finger, you are going to want to make sure that it remains as shiny, sparkly and new-looking for years and years to come. From the chemicals to stay away from to how to properly store your engagement ring, here are some do’s and don’ts on how to take care of your beautiful engagement ring. 

1. Do Take Out Insurance 

Insurance is an absolute must to protect your financial investment should your ring get lost, damaged, or even stolen. It is also important to have your engagement ring appraised every five or so years since the cost of diamonds and even precious metals go up. If you were to lose your ring or the diamond in it which was appraised, say, a decade ago, the insured value would likely be a great deal less than the actual cost of replacement.

2. Do Not Remove Your Ring in Public 

Of course, you need to wash your hands when using a public restroom, but try to resist the urge to take off your engagement ring when you are lathering up your hands. The chances that you could leave your ring on the edge of the basin or even drop it down the drain is one risk you just do not want to take.

3. Always Try to Keep Your Ring Clean 

Cleaning your diamond ring with random cleaners at home is not the most ideal way to keep your ring clean. While there are certainly over the counter jewellery cleaners that are good enough, it is better to take your ring to a reputable jeweller for regular cleaning and maintenance. Once you find your one of a kind diamond engagement rings from, make sure you remember to book regular cleaning dates.

4. Keep Your Ring Away from Harsh Chemicals 

If you are cleaning with or touching harsh chemicals, be sure to remove your engagement ring. Cleaning agents, and especially bleach, can dull the ring’s finish and even harm porous coloured gems such as emeralds. 

5. Don’t Put the Ring Through Unnecessary Wear and Tear 

A diamond is certainly one of the hardest natural materials in our world, but that does not mean a cut and beautifully polished diamond will not chip. There are instances when the table of a cut diamond may be susceptible to wear and tear. Try not to knock your ring against other hard materials. 

6. Schedule Routine Maintenance Dates with the Jeweller 

It is absolutely vital to schedule maintenance dates with the jeweller, at least every 12 months, so as to ensure that the prongs of the ring are tights, the diamond has not come lose, and that there are not any small cracks in the shank. All round maintenance is important to keep your ring looking like new. 

Finally, make sure that if you do take your ring off, that you store it in a soft pouch to keep it from coming into contact with abrasive materials. 

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