How to Travel in Style Without Looking Like a Tourist

Packing for a holiday may sound like fun, but for many people, it’s the stuff of nightmares.  Go back a few decades, and most people only considered their safety and their comfort when packing clothes for a holiday.  Today, things are a lot different.  In fact, take a look at your Facebook feed, and you’ll see that most holiday pictures are akin to photos out of a fashion catalogue than general holiday snaps.   

While travelling in style may seem like it takes a lot of effort, there are actually some tips you can follow that should make the whole process a lot easier!  In this article, we’re going to give you some quick tricks and tips that you can implement, no matter where you’re travelling to. 

1. Pack Some Trainers 

The athletic-leisure trend is still popular, and that’s good news for travellers as it means you can pack a comfortable pair of trainers that will also have you looking stylish.  You could go online and buy a branded pair if you want to, but really, any pair of trainers that works with the majority of your outfits will work fine for your holiday.  If you go for a branded pair of trainers, be sure to match them with a designer Saint Laurent T-shirt, Balenciaga T-shirt, or an Off-White hoodie which are all the range at the moment and you’ll be completely working the athleisure look! 

2. The Denim Shirt Dress 

Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking, however the denim shirt dress not only makes a great fashion statement, but this really light material makes it comfortable to wear in even the hottest temperatures.  Pair with a nice sun hat and a pair of white trainers, and you’ll look like a Rockstar walking through the crowds.  Plus, you won’t be struggling with the heat like all the other tourists!  Denim is also a good material as it doesn’t tend to crease like cotton so it’s ideal for long journeys packed inside a suitcase. 

3. Fashion Jewellery 

Travelling isn’t the best time to dress up in your bling-bling items.  Not only can it be a bit of a nightmare getting them through airport security, but you’ll also have to take extra care not to lose them or get them stolen.  Instead of packing your most expensive pieces, look into purchasing fashion jewellery.  This is usually really inexpensive, but it can be a lot of fun to check out and wear.  Simple and minimalist pieces that work with every outfit are your best bet here. 

5. A Multi-Compartment Bag 

Backpacks aren’t exactly the most fashion-forward items, and unless you really are planning on backpacking around a lot of different countries, there’s really no need to take one with you on your trip.  Instead, take a standard suitcase with you and pack a small bag or satchel that contains multiple compartments that you can use as a day bag.  The compartments will help you to keep all your belongings organised, and it’ll be much lighter to carry than a heavy backpack. 

6. Jumpsuits 

Similar to the shirt dress mentioned above, jumpsuits are a fantastic choice of travel clothing as you don’t need to worry about coordinating them with anything, except for maybe a jacket if it gets a bit chilly in the evenings.  Print heavy fabrics are a popular choice, especially if you are travelling to a hot, summer sun destination.  However, there are plenty of plain materials on the market as well.  Pair with some high-top trainers, and you’ll definitely look fashion-forward. 

7. Ugly Sandals 

If the weather is a bit too hot for trainers, another footwear option is ugly sandals.  This name refers to the oversized sandals that usually have a double strap to keep your feet in place, making walking easy.  While they’re not the most glamourous of shoes, they can easily be dressed up with a crochet skirt or an oversized top.  They’re also ideal for city tours and heavy walking days. 

8. A Bum Bag 

The ultimate accessory for travellers, the bum bag or the fanny pack as it is called in the US, has been a travel staple for decades.  While many travellers still wear the old cotton and nylon varieties, these are beginning to look a bit outdated now and there are plenty of better options.  Look into the leather bum bags available in a variety of bright colours for your next trip abroad. 

9. A Leather Jacket 

Finally, if you can afford to purchase a leather jacket, this should be a key piece of your wardrobe.  Leather jackets are ideal for wearing on the plane (when the temperature is usually kept uncomfortably low), but they also make a nice accessory for wearing during the evenings.  They can be dressed up, or dressed down, and look fabulous either way. 

Packing for a trip can be a bit of a nightmare, but there’s no reason why you can’t pack a fashion-forward wardrobe that’s practical as well. 

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