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How Wall Lights Can Transform Your Home

After a stressful day at work, there’s nothing like kicking off your shoes and curling up on the couch to make you really appreciate your home. But your home needs to look the part too for you to be able to truly relax in it.

With millions of home improvement products available at the click of a button, it’s now easier than ever to create your ultimate tranquil space – and wall lights can be an incredibly effective addition. Just browsing the websites of reputable companies such as Lights.co.uk will show you the wide range of options on offer, with everything from retro-chic light fixtures to futuristic-shaped LED wall lights to choose from. So what, exactly, can they do for your home?

Let there be light!

Of course, the biggest upside to updating your light fixtures is more light. However bright your bulb, a room with limited light sources can feel cold and unwelcoming. Not only that, but inadequate lighting can cause headaches, blurred vision and other symptoms. Where wall lighting is concerned, lighting the whole room isn’t the motivation. Instead, the emphasis is on lighting up specific areas. So whether you’re already knitting Christmas jumpers for your entire family (and dog) or losing yourself in the latest bestseller, make sure your eyes are able to carry out the tasks they need to without straining.

Set the mood

Another benefit of wall lights is their ability to completely transform the mood of a room. As opposed to a harsh single ceiling bulb – great if you’ve dropped a contact lens, but not conducive to a romantic night in with your boyfriends Ben and Jerry – the subdued hue omitted by wall lights can create ambience and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere (not to mention disguise the fact you’ve felt too relaxed to hoover lately).

Unleash your creativity

Unlike ceiling lights, which we tend not to register beyond their illuminating abilities, wall lights are placed directly within our eye line, meaning the light itself can become a stylish feature of the room. With a huge variety of designs on the market, each has the ability to create a completely different look, from sleek and futuristic to rustic ye ole worlde charm. Bit of a glamour puss? There’s even a crystal wall light for you! And then there is the special kind of wall lights designed to fulfil particular functions. Picture lights, for example, will ensure your paintings aren’t swallowed up by darkness and instead have pride of place on your walls. Reading lights, meanwhile, will prevent straining your eyes when looking up the fat contents of that *entire* tub of ice cream. Oops!

Save your pennies

Reckon wall lights will break the bank? Think again. A single light can set you back as little as £10, making this an ideal way of updating your home come payday. And not only are they affordable, but they also needn’t be expensive once they’re installed. If you go for wall lights already fitted with integrated LEDs, your power consumption will be reduced by almost 90%.

Whether you’re looking for something inconspicuous to blend in with your room’s current design, or something to dazzle guests and be regarded as a work of art in its own right, there’s a wall light out there to suit every taste.

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