How You Can Earn A Degree While Traveling


Distance Learning World Wide

Travelling is one of the most exhilarating things to do in your life. Particularly so, when you are young and can benefit the most from it: Meeting new people, learning new cultures, trying new food. In fact, travelling is an education within itself. Yet, you will receive no recognition once it’s complete. No certificate, no degree, just your own sweet memories. That is why you should consider traveling and studying at the same time. These two can in fact go hand in hand. No longer do you need to “take a year off,” to travel. With the right preparation, you can continue your education whilst travelling the World. Distance learning is increasing in popularity across many aspects of life. It is often less expensive than going to a brick built university, while at the same time allowing you to study while travelling, or even working. Study in blocks of credits and build them up towards a degree. Study in your own time, dependant on your own circumstances.


Choosing the right Program

Before you begin your journey, you should research reputable distance learning degrees. There are many options out there. It is important that the one you choose is ideal for your personal situation. Ensure that it is fully accredited first! It is pointless to study towards a qualification that no one recognises. Choose reputable online universities, ones whose degrees are verified by related professional bodies, and whose credits are accredited at other universities, such as for instance NC Italian University London (NC IUL). With hundreds of different programs offered online, at hundreds of different Universities, there is something in online education for everyone. You just have to be persistent and willing enough to dig and do the proper research! Many learning institutions, even the most traditional universities, believe that the way of learning is evolving and are now providing many of their programs online.


While Travelling

When travelling and studying, having ample Internet coverage where you are going will be an important factor. Check your set destinations ahead and see if Internet connection is available. If it doesn’t seem promising, you should download and store the learning content before arriving there. Or you could look for Internet cafes! These can be quite common in areas where strong Internet connection is difficult to find. If you have a mobile phone contract that also includes Internet access, then this is a great boon. Don’t forget to take into considerations the difference in time zones as well. Whilst online learning is more relaxed, there are still deadlines to meet. This should not be an excuse to miss those deadlines, as it is easy to accommodate.

Organise your studies before you embark on your travels. Choose modules related to your end goal of a career, as this is usually the main motivation for studying.

Then, once you have all of the above sorted, all you really need are the right tools – a laptop, smartphone or electronic tablet. If you are being thrifty with inexpensive lodgings in hostels, then you can afford acquiring an online degree. Be productive and enrol yourself in your chosen course. Try to sort out any financial aid needed before you set off, it will be much harder once on the road!

Having a degree will enhance your opportunities in a better-paid job. Online education provides us with the opportunity to progress academically as we develop our life experiences simultaneously. You can finally use your travels to enhance your life satisfaction while at the same time completing the degree for your newly chosen career!

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