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One of my favourite social media platforms has to be Instagram. Each night before bed I scroll through my feed liking and commenting on photos that have been posted. I don’t know if it’s my love of photography or the fact I’m slightly nosey (aren’t we all?) but I love scrolling through people’s photos and getting a small glimpse into their day.

Although I love browsing Instagram I haven’t used it as much as I should, especially as a blogger – it’s a great social platform for bloggers. There are a few reasons for this but mainly because I take a photo and find a reason not to like it so I never upload it or I forget to take the photo altogether. To get back into the Instagram movement with a bang Louise from My Three and Me and I decided to challenge ourselves and in turn you guys! We will be posting a photo to Instagram every day in August and want you to get involved too. Whether you’re a blogger, Instagram junkie or Instagram newbie we want you to join in and get snapping.

Joining in is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Take a photo to share on Instagram. This can be anything you want, a photo of your kids enjoying the Summer holidays, your cat or dog lounging around, a tasty meal or even a silly selfie! Nothing is off limits… okay no nudity and the usual jazz, let’s keep this around a pg rating. Louise and I will be sharing a new photo each day but you can share as much or as little as you would like.

2. When you share your photo make sure you use the hashtag #instaaugust2015, you can also tag Louise who’s handle is @Mythreeandmeblog and myself who’s handle is @Lindylovesblog. This way we will be able to see your photos.

3. Lastly, have fun! Instagram doesn’t have to be serious and picture perfect, we all know that’s not how life really is (not all of the time anyway!) but whether you like the picture perfect look or life as it happens we can’t wait to see your photos.

Each week I will share my five favourite photos from the hashtag #instaaugust2015 and I will blog about the reason I chose those photos, I will also be linking to the Instagram accounts so it’s a great way to get noticed if you’re a blogger. As well as the above I will be liking and commenting on photos that include the hashtag and showing you all some instalove!

If you’re looking for some Instagram inspiration then hopefully the photos below might help, I chose five of my favourite Instagram photos from my account. 


Bonjour! Such beautiful weather, it’s boiling 🙂 #belgium #roadtrip #holiday

A photo posted by Lindy (@lindylovesblog) on


Car selfies ha ha #roadtrip #holiday #carselfie #belgium A photo posted by Lindy (@lindylovesblog) on


Had such a lovely morning looking after this little sleeping beauty. #Eden

A photo posted by Lindy (@lindylovesblog) on


Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻#halloween A photo posted by Lindy (@lindylovesblog) on


Yoghurt and fruit for today’s breakfast. Some of the fruit was a bit sour but it was really filling and healthy!

A photo posted by Lindy (@lindylovesblog) on

Will you be getting involved with #instaaugust2015? 

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