Instagram-worthy cakes: 5 designs that will wow your followers

Whether you’ve got a big event coming up or just fancy a tasty treat, there’s nothing quite like a slice of cake. With so many stunning designs to choose from, it can be tricky to choose just one – especially if you want to impress your Instagram followers in the process.  

Don’t worry though, we’ve had a look at some of the showstopping designs that taste as good as they look. Here are five designs that will taste amazing and wow your Instagram followers too.  

  1. Unicorn cakes 

Unicorn cakes have been all over the ‘Gram this year thanks to their adorably cartoonish decoration. Many of them feature sweet treats alongside a metallic horn, cute pointed ears and a pair of fluttering eyes on the very front. This type of cake has been everywhere this year making it perfect for any fairy tale fan.  

But you don’t have to stick with the typical unicorn cake style, the geniuses at Anges De Sucre recently came up with a delicious unicorn-style croquembouche cake, made up of multiple tiers and adorned with choux buns, doughnuts and macarons with a majestic horn on top. Whatever style you choose, a unicorn cake is an adorable addition to any event and is sure to impress your followers – as well as the lucky few who get to try a bite.  

  1. Rustic naked cakes 

The rustic naked cakes aren’t going anywhere according to The Standard. This style is ideal if you’re looking for an elegant and timeless cake that’s sure to wow your followers. A naked cake is one that features a minimal outer layer of frosting, instead choosing to show off the cake’s filling.  

The result is a beautiful vintage effect with a thin coat of buttercream that appears transparent in areas, letting the delicious interior layers do all the hard work. Although simplicity is a key aspect of this cake, you can add some extra elements to inject some more personality to it. From added floral features to delicious caramel dripping, it’s no wonder these cakes are so popular.  

  1. Drip cake

If you haven’t had a drip cake, you’re missing out. Drip cakes are exactly what they sound like: a delicious dessert that has a mouthwatering layer of topping running down the sides. They can be vibrant with different coloured icing trickling from the top or simply indulgent using chocolate over buttercream.  

It doesn’t have to be left at that either as you can often request a ton of other treats to be layered on the top. Drip cakes are versatile and can be used for any occasion, so you won’t have to wait long before showing it off to your followers.  

  1. Pinata cake 

Nothing says ‘surprise’ like a pinata cake. These vibrant, indulgent cakes have a delicious centre that spills out, once you cut into it. Take a slice to show off the treats inside to create the perfect Insta pic. What’s inside is up to you, but we recommend going for smaller vibrant treats to create a bigger and brighter spill. Skittles, smarties and mini eggs are ideal for this, although you can use anything sweet. 

  1. Dark chocolate mousse cake 

If you prefer a more simplistic looking cake that’ll still impress your followers, a layered dark chocolate mousse cake should be your go-to. These delicious cakes are sure to be a hit with chocolate lovers; not only do they look amazingly sleek and reflect the light beautifully, but they also taste just as good.  

Chocolate mousse cakes usually have a layer of sponge on the very bottom, a delicious section of dark chocolate mousse and a sleek mirror glaze topping. Up the ante with a carefully placed layer of dark forest fruits on top and your followers will be desperate to try some.

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