Putting the reality of interior design into practice can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience that is often handed over to professionals just to reduce the stress, but that is only taking away the fun from you. The best part about redecorating your home is being involved in the process and having it reflect yourself. Sometimes all you need to do is add a splash of paint. It not only makes a room that was looking drab look a million dollars, it also creates a whole vibe in the house. Although it is fun to  get your friends together, put on some music, grab a glass of wine and indulge in a painting party, that is only the start.

The first thing that needs to be considered after your painting party is how any room changes are going to reflect you. Antiques are beautiful, and can make a beautiful addition to your home, but if they don’t match your taste they only end up reflecting someone from 100 years ago. If you’re a bit more hip, you can always choose some modernised accessories that credit your home whilst characterising it. Scouring markets, car boot sales, garage sales and any other unique places to gather furniture that can add characterisation to your own home can be a great start when looking at redesigning. This also saves you a lot of money. Some of the nicest feature pieces can often be something that has had its heart and soul poured into it by its creator, also adding to making your home more unique. Vintage shops, although on the pricy side of the budget, although still cheaper than newer furniture, can also be a great place to find your vision. Sites such as www.ebay.co.uk are a cheap alternative to some overpriced vintage shops.

Although, there’s no denying there are times when new and tailored furniture is necessary, to make a room with a smaller ceiling feel larger, match it with lower lounge chairs and lower cabinets. If you get stuck for furniture ideas www.thelongeststay.com has a range of interior furnishings to give you inspiration. It is suggested when selecting the furniture for your home you ensure the height of the furniture is matched to the height of the ceiling. A tall ceiling can make a room seem much larger than it is, and, in reverse, a small ceiling can make a room seem smaller.  For a tall ceiling buy some tall bookshelves that can be used for both storage and decorative purposes.

Additionally, a dimly lit room can be off putting to guests and make a room look smaller, so most interior designers recommend lots of natural light, particularly in rooms with low ceilings. If you’re not lucky enough to have access to natural lighting in the living space, mirrors can make a room look larger than it is, and create reflections from the light sources within the room. Decorative mirrors can make a statement in a room that needs spicing up, while adding to the illusion of space. There are a range of things you can do to make your home more unique and in turn allow you to become the envy of your friends. Inspiration to get started is just around the corner.

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