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Interior Design Styles To Consider In 2017

Are you looking to redecorate your home but you’re not sure what style to choose? 2017 has seen the rise of a lot of new home trends and also the reappearance of a few old ones. There are a lot of lovely style trends which can easily be achieved with a lick of paint and a few well-placed accessories.

I’m in the process of decorating and choosing a style for my living room, it has been a difficult choice. Pinterest and Instagram have provided a lot of inspiration and ideas when it comes to home style trends and there are a few that stand out. I have shared a few of my favourite styles below, hopefully, you will find the ideas useful when choosing which one is right for your own home.


Possibly one of the most well-known home trend of 2017 thanks to Instagram. There’s no doubt the gorgeous white walls, light wood and minimalist style help to create the perfect Instagrammable home, so it’s no wonder the platform is awash with gorgeous Scandi homes. It does make it the perfect place for finding inspiration, a simple search of the hashtag feature using #scandinaviandesign or #scandinavianhome will bring up thousands of gorgeous images to get you started.


This is a style which is often used in large, open-plan homes such as those in old industrial properties. Often, industrial homes have bare brick walls, metal fixtures with warm and neutral colours. Taking inspiration from old factories creates a unique and stylish look which is achievable in every home. Maybe people who don’t want to create a full industrial home will create the industrial look in one room – often the kitchen.

Shabby Chic

This is a trend that’s going nowhere and growing in popularity as the years go by. It creates a lovely cottage feel in the home. Wall colours are usually kept light and neutral with accessories similarly styled, a few well-placed pastel colours add to the look and create colour and style. This is a look you can create by buying old distressed furniture or by creating the appearance of age on new furniture, it would make a great DIY project.

There are so many options when it comes to interior design that you’re sure to find one you like, or at least a lot of inspiration. If you’re looking for more inspirational and style ideas take a look at the ultimate guide to interior design styles by Sloane & Sons.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then why not create your own style. Don’t be scared to step away from the norm and use your own unique style and personality to create a home that is everything you love.

What’s your favourite interior design style?

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