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Interior Design Trends Set to Dominate 2018

Wonder what will be coming our way in terms of decorating and styling our homes in 2018? Look no further as Balustrade Components have created the ultimate guide to interior design trends for the coming year. 

A new year means exciting new challenges and trends to come our way and 2018 doesn’t promise to be any different. What can be expected in the coming months? 


Last year’s surprise must-have colour for walls and colour accent accessories was dark, earthy green. And we loved it! But this year, designers are hotly tipping terracotta or similar darker, orangery shades of brown as being the surprise accent colour. 

For some, this will come as welcome news as the Pantone colour of the year Ultra Violet caught many of us out. Dark and brooding with a hint of vibrancy about it, as much as we may love it, many of us saw it as too much for our homes. However, purple tends to be the colour used during turbulent times and maybe with 2017 being the rubbish year that it was, Ultra Violet is the antidote that we need. 


Minimalism has had its day and for many of us, that means sending up a big cheer! As smashing as it is to be surrounded by less clutter and stuff, there comes a time when you hanker after warmth, character and detail. 

And this is why maximalism will be the interop design buzzword on everyone’s lips this year. But what does it mean?  

The answer to this is to probably explain what it isn’t: it isn’t about moving all the junk back in, complete with clashing colours and a mix of patterns that are frankly eye-watering. If minimalism is less is less, maximalism is certainly more is more. Take a look – is it the 2018 interior design style that could work for you? 

Casual, comfort spaces 

Looking back, it seems that the last few years in terms of interior design have been structured, clipped and angular. There is no doubt that a formal design structure is advantageous, providing the comfort and structure that we sometimes crave. 

But this formal structure has now lost its appeal with many of us feeling too constricted and hemmed in. A casual, comfortable approach was coming in at the tail end of last year and there are those that predict it will become embedded in our homes in 2018. 

Why the change? With more and more of us working from home, the defined lines in our lives are becoming more blurred and that means our homes are changing and adapting too. Expect to see more conjoined spaces in the home, with less defined formality between living, dining and kitchen areas.  


Just as minimalism fills some people with dread, maximalism may have sent you over the edge – how on earth can you marry this ‘full’ look with your natural aspirations for your home to be streamlined? 

The good news is, you don’t! Interior design is about individual choice, likes and dislikes. Function and form are key in interior design and so the monochrome design schemes that are expected to firmly take root in 2018 will be welcome news. 

Keep the look appealing, yet simple with pockets of details that shift it from clinical to minimal. As well as monochrome – the timeless combination of white and black – expect to see dual-tone schemes that marry black with grey or other colours from the neutral side of the colour palette.  

Recycled with style 

The last few years have seen an increase in recycling and reusing materials in and around the home but 2018 promises to deliver more than upcycling. 

Manufacturers and designers are increasingly using materials that are reusing material from other sources. Sustainability is key too.  For example, pineapple husks, once treated and processed, offer an incredibly strong material that could see the resulting fabric used in all kinds of applications from seat covers to cushions and more. 

Expect to see more recycling and reusing of material with style, but also look out for new materials from sustainable resources that use environmentally friendly techniques of manufacture.  

Statement Lights 

And finally, statement lighting is promised as being a contender for a must-have accessory for 2018. From super-stylish, quirky pendant lighting to smaller lights adding detail to a space, it’s hard to go over the top with lighting. Choose colours that complete your home and if you are still unsure about which metallic finish to opt for, you can’t go far wrong with brass effect. 

What interior design trends do you predict will make an impact on your home in 2018? 

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