Redesigning a home is no simple task. You may know that you want some fresh, innovation, modern and contemporary, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a clear, coherent vision of what all those things mean. Even the most creative minds can buckle under the pressure of the seemingly insurmountable task of overhauling the interior design of an entire house. It’s a big undertaking, and that’s the honest truth, but it’s not a difficult undertaking if you approach it with the right mindset and a step by step approach; rather than worrying about the task in its overwhelming entirety.

A good place to start might be to approach your home with fresh eyes. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a rut and all the obvious, common or even popular interior design options don’t really inspire you to make a change. That completely makes sense, as you don’t want to find yourself feeling just as glum and downtrodden by the sight of your home in a year when you realise you now hate the new look you’ve given the place.

The solution is to think outside the box. It’s time to get a little quirky and not view this project as a chore, but a chance to unleash some creativity and say “it’s all or nothing”. If you’ve going to do interior design for your home, you might as well go the full way and try out some methods you’d never even considered before; perhaps techniques, themes and styles you hadn’t even heard about until now. Well, if you want to peruse some such interior design tips, then here are a few great ones to help you get started.

Make necessities pretty.

The best way to approach interior design is to do more than simply throw a few luxuries or lavish items around your home. Vivid colours and fancy things are all fine, but these small tweaks won’t do much to lift the atmosphere of a room and will do next to nothing in terms of changing the overall theme of your home. You have to allow your creativity to seap into even the most mundane, practical objects and elements of your household.

A teatowel can be patterned and pretty, rather than plain and dull; reminders for shopping necessities can be written on a pretty, retro chalkboard in the kitchen, rather than a crumbled piece of paper; nature in the form of plants and even spindly, decorative branches can find a place indoors as well as in your back garden. There are always ways of turning a basic, uninspired room into a pretty, intriguing and unique designer’s haven.

Lighting is everything.

Sometimes a room may be clean, modern, lively and packed full of character, but it still lacks atmosphere and moods plummet when people walk through it. The problem could be something as simple as poor lighting. In a kitchen, for example, sleek and modern surfaces require bright, flattering lighting during the night, as well as the day, to truly shine as intended. You could look into JCC lighting from Downlights Direct, for example, as there are many companies offering great lighting solutions for the modern interior designer. You need to give rooms in your house that bright, welcoming, homely feeling. Coziness is about feeling warm and safe, which is hard to achieve when one sits in a dark, drab room.

Use space ingeniously.

The key to an aesthetically pleasing home, obviously, is a design which is clean, neat, tidy and yet packed full of character and intriguing styles. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean sparseness. The best way to achieve that minimalist look and create an open space in the rooms of your house, then, is to use space in inventive and unique ways. For example, your work office could find its home under the staircase, rather than unnecessarily taking up additional room in your lounge, study or even bedroom. The key to using space well is to get a little creative and think outside the box. You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to some activity or object; you have to prioritise.

It should be a fun reflection of your personality.

You should try taking the plunge with decisions in your home. I can’t stress enough that this should be fun, and it shouldn’t at all feel like a tiresome, exhausting task. Of course, I’m not saying you won’t be tired after all the work you put in, but this is your home, and that means you have the freedom to design it however you so wish. You can try something crazy and inventive, because there are always ways to come back. Don’t be afraid to try something weird if it achieves the style which reflects you or your family’s interests and personalities.

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