Look no further than the mysterious country of the Republic of Ireland is a small country but punches well above its weight in reputation. Mired with breathtaking beauty, the ancient culture of the Celtics is still alive and well throughout the land. The fascinating people, whose boisterous yet warm nature is known the world over. There’s history so young in the country that the past events of previous decades still have an impact on the culture and politics. But the land is green as ever; the rock formations still stand stoically as the Atlantic Ocean smashes into them with the splash of white sea spray. The Irish are very proud of their history and civilization and letting go of their culture isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. The Island has a rich history with Roman Catholicism, so generosity and altruism are part of the fabric of the nation. Traveling abroad for a holiday doesn’t mean you need to venture far; it also doesn’t mean that you need to seek out the sun in order to enjoy yourself.

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A day trip to the Cliffs of Moher

Leaving Dublin for a day, and travel down to the town of County Clare which has a population just over 100,000. Such is the ruggedness of the town that the Hollywood blockbuster series Lord of The Rings was filmed around the perimeter of its border. The monumental Cliffs of Moher are on the west coast, braving the wind chills that have come from America’s east coast and Iceland’s south ports. Standing at a staggering 214 meters tall, the cliffs have an iconic image of the harshness of the Irish coastline. The day trip also includes several walks up the hills that are laden with sheep and coastal birds. You’ll take in the historical relevance and scenery of the Burren National Park.

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Religion means a lot to the locals

Deeply held Christian beliefs prosper on the island, and unlike Northern Ireland where Protestantism is dominant, the Republic of Ireland is majority Catholic. The scriptures pertaining specifically to the spread of Romanism and the holiness of the Vatican and Pope are available to be viewed by the public if you have booked tickets for the Book of Kells exhibition. The Trinity College Dublin allows visitors to walk back into the 18th century of the Old Library where the Book of Kells is on display. The book contains Christian Gospels dating back to the 9th century that has illuminated illustrations kept in pristine condition for over a thousand years.

Exploring Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is a top three destination you have to visit while you’re in Ireland. It encompasses a day trip to Cork from Dublin. From the comfort of a luxury coach, you will travel south to Cork City and then to the Rock of Cashel Cathedral. You’ll pass the achingly beautiful green countryside of Southern Ireland, and then meet the famous Blarney Stone that’s said to be blessed. You’ll enter the castle walls, and from there you can tour the brown and green rocky fortress at your own leisure on you can take a guided tour. Inside you’ll find suits of armor and artwork such as Catholic tapestries hung in the King’s quarters. From then on, you’ll head to Rock of Cashel located in County Tipperary. This massive Celtic Cathedral is approximately 200 feet tall. The Hall of Vicars is another sacred place where the local fathers of times gone by are remembered for their service to the community.

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