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I work from home and this can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand you have the comforts of being at home but on the other hand you have all of the distractions. It’s so easy to get distracted or drawn in by that pile of washing that needs to be done or the dishwasher that needs unloaded and it can be difficult to stay focused – at least for me! Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of space so I don’t have a home office which makes things a little more difficult, I have a dining room table I can work at but not a dedicated area and most of the time I sit in the living room and work.

I often think I would get more done and be able to focus better if I had a dedicated work area. Unfortunately, with space being an issue that isn’t an option right now. Something I have thought about and would love to do is convert the loft into a home office, I think it would make a great light and airy working space. At the moment, it’s used as a bit of a storage space and doesn’t serve any real purpose (apart from keeping the roof up of course) – it’s a bit of a wasted space.

I spoke to my dad recently and mentioned the fact I would love to create a home office and he mentioned a few things I hadn’t thought of. One of those things was home insurance and the fact that I would have to make sure I had the correct cover for the office equipment and for home office/business use.

Although having a home office won’t be in the immediate future I haven’t been able to stop myself from looking at desks, chairs, stationary and even wall decorations. I have a list of items I would love to buy for the office and I’m always on the look out for inspiration and new ideas. When I create my home office I will of course share it with you all as I love reading home inspiration posts so it’s only right I do a home office one.

Do you have a home office? I would love to know what your home office essentials are!

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