Is Online Conveyancing Really Replacing the Traditional Way of Conveyancing?

When you buy or sell a property, you require hiring the services of a conveyancer. A conveyancer manages the legal procedure to transfer the title of the property in question from one owner to another. Conventionally, home buyers hired local solicitors. Over the last decade or so, inclination to hire online conveyancers has grown considerably. This shift has gravely affected the traditional way of conveyancing.  

Today, choosing between these two ways can be a tough ask, mainly for the buyers or sellers who don’t have much awareness of the difference in services offered by each means. With this aspect in consideration, we have put together vital information in this article. It highlights the merits and demerits of each means of conveyancing. This will help you make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a conveyancer. We will start with traditional conveyancing 

Traditional Conveyancing 

Traditional conveyancers offer more tailored and flexible services with a single point of contact. They can deal with an extensive range of conveyancing matters such as shared equity purchase and transfer, lease extension, etc. Since they are physically present, they have useful contacts in the related services, i.e., real estate, mortgage, etc. However, they do charge much higher than online conveyancers.  

Online Conveyancing 

When conveyancers offer their services online, it helps them in cutting the overall costs, since they no longer have to make certain expenses. 

To maintain a low price, they usually don’t hold face-to-face meetings, which is the prime method of meeting in traditional conveyancing. It signifies that you won’t actually meet the conveyancer hired online. But this is the core element of going online! 

The online services have developed standardised tracking and communication systems such as call centres, SMS, live chat, and online accounts to keep every client updated with the ongoing procedure.  

You might wonder if you would ever get to see your hired conveyancer. Well you can, and this is the beauty of online conveyancing services. They are well-equipped with digital communication and a meeting on Skype is always an option to see the concerned person.

As we said above, since they are online, they have the luxury to cut many expenses pertaining to operations, commutation and certain office supplies. A traditional office may not take the leverage of cutting such expenses. As a result, the online conveyancers charge very reasonable fee.  

Another good thing is the quick access to the updates on your task. Majority of the online services provide their clients with online accounts on their website, commonly known as ‘Dashboard’. When the clients access the Dashboard using their login details, every bit of updated information is already present there.  

Technology has already eased several processes and replaced many tasks that previously took weeks and/or months. For instance, email has made sending letters, forms and other types of documents a breeze. The process of conveyancing involves a bundle of documents that need to be sent back and forth to be completed. If we look closely, we can realise that traditional conveyancing has not been disrupted but become much easier through online conveyancing. In addition, you can always request the online conveyancers to meet you in person. Making it a win-win situation for clients and conveyancers alike. 

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