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If you have a conservatory then now is the perfect time of year to give it some TLC and get it ready to enjoy during the spring and summer months. There’s nothing nicer than sitting in a conservatory with the sun streaming through the windows, being able to enjoy a view of your garden from every angle and relaxing in a cosy conservatory in the evenings.

To get the most from your conservatory and to prolong its life it’s important to carry out some maintenance and give it some TLC regularly. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process, once you know what steps you need to take to care for your conservatory it’s a case of a little elbow grease and time. If you put in the work now your conservatory will look great for a long time to come.

Check the roof for damage and clean it

After a long and wet winter (good old British weather) it’s important to check your roof for any damage from things such as falling branches. If you find damage you might need a replacement conservatory roof. If your roof is free from damage and it’s simply a case of cleaning it, the best item to use is a telescopic window cleaner, this will let you clean the roof with ease using a stepladder. If you don’t feel confident cleaning it yourself, there are companies who provide specialist conservatory cleaning services. Never climb on your conservatory roof, it’s not designed to bear your weight and you could be seriously injured.

Clean the windows

Possibly the most labour intensive part of taking care of your conservatory is cleaning the windows. There are many methods you could use depending on which you prefer. Many people swear by using vinegar to clean their windows, whilst others prefer hot soapy water and a sponge, window cleaner and a micro fibre cloth is another popular choice. If you own a window vacuum then this job will be much easier and less time-consuming. If you don’t have a window vac it might be worth investing in one to keep your windows looking great the whole year round with minimal effort. Whichever method you choose, there’s nothing nicer than sparkling windows to let in as much light as possible.

Clean the guttering and drainage

It’s important to ensure your conservatory guttering and drainage is clear from blockages such as moss, leaves and twigs. A blockage in the guttering could lead to a leak which could, in turn, lead to mould and damp in your conservatory, it’s better to tackle the guttering before this happens. The most common time of year for guttering to become blocked is during the autumn and winter months when wet leaves can become clogged in the guttering and drainage.

Trim overhanging branches

Your conservatory could be easily damaged by a falling branch if you have trees which overhang it. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ensure you trim back any branches which hang over your conservatory roof. In this case, prevention is definitely better than cure, and a big bill for a new conservatory roof.

Remember, when cleaning and maintaining your conservatory your safety should always be the number one priority. Never climb on your conservatory roof to clean it. Don’t use a pressure washer on windows or panels as they could crack or become dislodged. If in doubt, call in the professionals.

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