Karcher K2 Home Premium Pressure Washer Review

The Karcher K2 Home pressure washer is a compact & lightweight pressure washer that is perfect for cleaning around the home and garden. The K2 is perfect for those jobs you keep putting off as it makes them almost effortless! It is perfect for cleaning the patio, garden furniture, the BBQ, Fencing and more! The machine is easy to transport around the home and garden as it has two wheels and a handle to help you move it with ease.


Included with the Karcher K2 Home Premium machine is;  a trigger gun, a 6m high pressure hose, vario lance, detergent suction facility, Dirtblaster lance, T50 patio cleaner and patio detergent. There are a lot of accessories which you can buy for the Karcher machine for specific jobs which I think is a great idea as you can build up the accessories so you can do every job you can think of.


I found the machine very easy to set up, it was a case of clipping on the wheels and handle, connecting the pipe and trigger gun then choosing which accessories you need for your chosen cleaning task.

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I used the Karcher to clean our paving in the back garden as parts of it were covered in moss and looked dirty, all this rain and wind recently hasn’t helped. It was very easy to set the machine up ready to clean, I made up the detergent by adding water to the detergent bag then adding that to the special tank in the machine.  I then connected the patio cleaner head onto the trigger gun and off I went. The process is very quick and I saw a difference as soon as I started cleaning the paving. The colour underneath the dirt is quite incredible I wouldn’t have thought that it would remove so much dirt and grime but it did!

Storing the Karcher is simple as the machine is compact. The handle and wheels are easy to remove for storage and the machine also has storage for the trigger gun and accessories, plus there is a handy hook to keep the cable neat and tidy. I have put the Karcher in our under the stairs cupboard so it is easy to access when we need it but it’s not taking up living space or being tripped over.

I was very impressed to find out that all Karcher K2 pressure washers can be used from a gravity fed harvested water source such as a water butt tap. We have a water butt in our garden so I thought this was a great option to have, if there is any way I can be a bit greener I’m always happy to take that opportunity.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the machine, the quality of the work it does and the price. The Krcher K2 Home Premium has an RRP of £149.99 which I think is reasonable for a machine that will be able to do many task around the home and garden over the years to come and is built to last.


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