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Keep It Fresh: Interior Ideas To Open Up Your Home

Your home should always provide a calm sanctuary, where you can chill out. And, what better time to prepare your home and check out some interior ideas, than now, before the chilly months that you’ll be spending inside on the sofa more often. There are plenty of things that you can prepare and do to your home to ensure the space feels open and fresh all year round. Whether it’s renovation you have in mind, or some smaller updates, here and there, that you feel will make a big difference; it’s never a bad time to start investing in your property and how it looks. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to freshen up their living space, for a better and more enjoyable life in their home.

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The Little Things Make A Big Difference

You don’t need to undertake any major renovation projects to freshen up a tired living area; however, it might be worth investing in some cans of paint. By simply redecorating a room, you can breathe new life into it, and it can feel like a new home. Make the most of a picture frame to house some family photos to hang above your sofa or bed; doing these easy things will make all the difference. Have a think about the places you relax most within your home. If you have a larger room that you want to draw in, why not think about popping soft furnishings, like throws and cushions. Lamps, lights, and interior accessories can make all the difference to the feeling of a room, and they can often be an affordable way to enliven your space.

For those wanting to experiment with their surroundings; fittings, cushions and art are a great way to introduce new shades and textures into a space. Collecting images and creating a mood board is a great first step in discovering what you’re drawn to, so it’s worth collating the ideas and things you like the look of. Rearranging the layout and furniture, so that room becomes a more functional, user-friendly space, will also make you and your family feel like they’ve walked into a brand new house. This is an excellent way to freshen up an interior, without spending any cash at all. You could also update old and tired-looking wooden furniture with a coat of paint; this is an excellent way of tying your new colour scheme into the rest of the room. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for some tutorials on upcycling online so that you can make a chair go from zero to hero, and ensure you have some feature furniture pieces in your place, without a huge amount of money or effort.

Houseplants and fresh flowers in your favourite pots and vases are another way to add colour, and you’ll be bringing in a natural element which is great for calming the mind and adding and instant, fresh update. You want the space in your home to feel personal and special so that you can feel comfortable, creative, and enjoy the spend you spend there. Adding interest and characterful design wherever you can throughout your home will ensure that there’s no doubt who’s house visitors are walking into. And, they are simple ways to change and update each space, for that constantly fresh and ever-evolving feeling. Remember not to over-clutter the space, because you want it to feel as open as possible, but don’t leave it soulless and free of your personality.

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Decluttering And A Little Elbow Grease Will Go A Long Way

Sometimes you need to know when to throw out items and equipment from your home’s inventory and invest in some shiny new things. Large furniture items that have seen better days are always worth your time and money. Take a look at the beds in your house, and any dining tables, chairs, and sofas, to see if replacing them would make a vast improvement to the room’s environment, and the quality of family life. Investing in quality items, that have been well thought-out, will ensure that you’re not dealing with costly replacements on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about your budget, and the key items in your home that would make a big difference. There’s nothing like a few new pieces to lift an interior, so it’s worth figuring out what’s needed.

It’s also worth thinking along the lines of a tidy home, tidy mind (also, tidy, open, and fresh living space). A spring, or summer, in this case, clean automatically refresh your house and lifts the spirits of everyone living in it. If you’re having a thorough clear out (we’re talking gutting the garage and organising the loft), then the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing in and out the house with boxes and bin bags in the freezing cold. So pick a dry and mild day to get all the heavy lifting done, and why not organise a car boot sale, so all that effort literally pays off. Going through each room and putting old items that you don’t need, or never use, into bags and boxes will refresh the environment, and help you to keep on top of cleaning and tidying your home.

Be as strict with yourself as possible; ask yourself how often you’ve used or worn the item in the last six months, does it hold any sentimental value, and are you likely to miss it once it was gone. Answering each question will help to guide you on what choice to make. When the colder months hit, you’ll be clutter free, and the house will be a pleasure to be in, after all, you’re more likely to be staying inside during winter.


Opening Up The Surroundings Without Knocking Down Any Walls

The colour palette in your home will have a huge impact to how open and fresh it feels; therefore, there’s no need to start knocking walls down, you simply need to give it a coat of paint. Pale and pastel shades create a breezy environment, so if you love a certain colour, then make sure it’s a toned down and powdery version. Pastel yellow, blue and sage green will make a fresh addition to your home, and won’t have the warming and sometimes, the claustrophobic effect that deep hues like reds and burgundies do. Keep patterns minimal, as the busier the print, the more it will close a space in, so bear this in mind when you’re deciding on potential new wallpapers, for good flow in each room.

You can bring in patterns with texture, like raised jacquard cotton fabrics in those cushions that were discussed earlier. White is always an excellent choice when it comes to a crisp and fresh interior feeling; white walls and ceiling will reflect the light, and therefore, will automatically open up space. Tackling each room at a time, and not overwhelming yourself with the changes, will make the process of freshening up your home a straightforward, and even fun, progression for your family’s living environment. Do your research, create a plan, and write your lists; then, get going! You can involve the whole family, and everyone will appreciate the effort that’s gone into each area when they’re living in a fresh, new, interior space.

Utilise the internet (that’s totally what it’s here for) and keep things moving when it comes to all the little DIY jobs, so that you’ll have a clearer idea of any bigger improvements that need making.

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