Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could keep your home looking great no matter what? I’m here to tell you a secret. You can! Yep, you can keep your home looking great even if you’ve not had the energy to tidy up one day. You can keep it looking great even if you have a handful of kids living with you. Here’s how!

Assign Chores To Every Family Member
Start by assigning chores to every family member. You should do this as soon as you can to get them into good habits. Create a rota and consider switching chores every so often so things don’t get boring or seem unfair. Even if your kids can’t do a great job of something yet, allowing them to try it and practice is a good thing.


Get Everyone Into The Habit Of Tidying Up After Themselves
As well as creating a rota, get everyone into the habit of tidying up after themselves. This means making their beds as soon as they get up, washing plates, and so on. Make sure it becomes second nature for everybody to clean up their own mess.

Do As Much As You Can As You Go Along
Do as much as you can as you go along and don’t put it off. Wipe up spills rather than leaving them until you’ve finished what you’re doing, for example. You’ll make your life so much easier this way.

Automate Your Home

Automating your home is a great way of keeping it looking great no matter what. You’ll save time too! You could get an automated vacuum for instance, and program it to go over your home whenever you need it to. Check out these home improvements you shouldn’t skimp on too!

Keep An Eye On Potential Hazards and Repairs

Make sure you keep an eye on any potential hazards and repairs that may need to have something done about them in the near future. Septic tank problems can turn serious pretty quickly, so don’t leave them. Make sure you are careful about potential hazards to keep your family safe too. This could mean covering sharp corners, installing a stair gate, etc.


Make Sure Everybody Takes Their Shoes Off
Before you let anybody enter your home, make sure they take their shoes off. Even if they are clean, it lets everybody know what you expect when they enter your home. Letting people wear their shoes in the house means treading all kinds of debris from outside inside.

Get Into The Habit Of Decluttering Regularly
Every day ask yourself what you can recycle, give away, or get rid of. This will get you into good habits and keep your home nice and tidy.


Sort Letters As Soon As You Get Them
Instead of leaving your letters in a pile or telling yourself you’ll deal with them later, sort them out as soon as you get them. Decide whether to keep them or shred them, and put them somewhere appropriately.

Invest In Great Storage Options
There are so many great storage options you can invest in, your home has no excuse for looking cluttered.

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