*Keeping Pets & Wildlife Safe around Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is less than a day away now and even though it isn’t officially Bonfire Night yet the fireworks have been going off for the last couple of days here. Having two cats means as well as enjoying the fireworks we have to ensure out pets are always safe and comfortable.

Our cat Bean went missing for 5 very long months earlier this year so we are taking no risks with our two cats around Bonfire Night. For the last couple of nights they have been kept indoors after 5pm to try and protect them from the noise and the fireworks. They will not be let out after 5pm for at least a week in the hope that people will stop letting fireworks off then.

Thankfully when they are indoors they don’t seem to be concerned about the fireworks going off outside and just sleep through most of them but not all cats are like this and some cats, dogs and other animals can find the week surrounding Bonfire Night traumatic.  Pets at Home have put together an infographic which contains lots of helpful tips on keeping your pets and wildlife safe this Bonfire Night, take a look below.


This post is a collaboration with Pets At Home.

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