Many homeowners are understandably concerned about how they are going to heat their homes during the winter months. If you are someone who relies on heating oil, this page is for you. Below we provide you with simple tips that you can use to keep your heating bills to a minimum from now on.

Buy your heating oil before the rush  

Buying your heating oil outside areas of peak demand is the simplest way to reduce the cost. Clearly, it is too late for this winter, but you could buy early next year to keep the cost of your heating fuel down. Companies like Emo Oil are more than happy to fill up your tank during the summer months when the price is typically at its lowest.

Reduce your thermostat setting 

Making sure that your thermostat is working properly and keeping it set as low as possible will save you a lot of money. Various studies show that you can reduce your fuel bill by 10% for every degree that you turn your thermostat down.

Check your boiler thermostat 

Often, the boiler has its own thermostat. The next time you have your boiler serviced it is well worth asking the engineer to check it is set up properly. If it can be turned down as well, you stand a good chance of saving, even more, money.

Consider buying a smart thermostat 

The way old style thermostats work means that an awful lot of us end up heating an empty home. Typically, homeowners set up their heating to come on and go off at the same time each day. Most days this is fine. We set things up so that the house is warm when we get home at night. The problem comes when we are delayed at work, or our train is late. In that situation, we end up heating an empty home.

A smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone solves this problem completely. Recently, these smart devices have fallen in price, which means that they easily pay for themselves within a year or so.

Insulate your home 

It takes far more fuel to heat up a poorly insulated property than it does one that is well insulated. You lose a significant amount of heat through the roof, walls and windows. A property with an un-insulated loft will lose 25% of its heat via the roof.

Insulating your loft space is not difficult. Most people find that they can do it themselves in just a few hours, and it will save you a huge amount of money.

Deal with draughts 

Another simple way to cut your fuel bills is to deal with draughts. If you are sitting in a draughty room, you will automatically feel colder, which means you are more likely to get up and turn the heating up. Taking simple steps like fitting draught excluders to the doors, and filling in little gaps around the windows will make a huge difference to how warm you feel.

You can find out more about draught proofing a room from this article.

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