Kellogg’s New Lower Sugar Children’s Cereal – Review & Giveaway

Kellogg’s have recently launched four new lower sugar children’s cereals. The new cereals mean you can give your children the cereals they love but they are now wholegrain, high in fibre, made with less sugar and are a good source of Vitamin D (25 percent of the recommended daily amount).
You might have already seen the adverts for the cereals on your children’s favourite TV channel this is because the cereals have passed strict rules on advertising set by OFCOM. I personally love the Honey Pops advert and think they should release a song, it’s so catchy!
We were lucky enough to be sent a box of each of the cereals to try. We received the new Coco Pops Croc Prints, Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes Strawberry, Honey Loops and Honey Pops.
The first cereal Maxx tried was the Honey Pops which he really enjoyed, he kept asking for these each morning until I had an accident and spilt the box down the back of the fridge! Very messy. Since I had spilt the Honey Pops I gave Maxx the Honey Loops to try and he really enjoyed these too he said they were just as good as the Honey Pops.Maxx had seen Croc Prints advertised on the TV and was really excited to try them. He really enjoyed the Croc Prints and thought it was amazing that the milk turned chocolatey. I think he also liked the fact the cereal are in the shape of crocodile feet.

I don’t think he was as keen on the Strawberry Shapes this is a completely new taste for him so he might change his mind after trying them a few times. They say that a child needs to try something up to 15 times before they know if they like it or not!

I have to confess I have a love of Kellogg’s cereals too. I really enjoyed trying the new cereals they all tasted really nice and were really filling. My favourite cereal is Croc Prints they are really nice and of course make the milk chocolatey. Yes I am a big kid!
Overall I am very impressed with the new cereals. They are healthier but still have the fantastic taste we have come to expect from Kellogg’s. Maxx is enjoying them too and that speaks volume to me.
Kellogg’s have very kindly give us 4 boxes of the New Lower Sugar Cereals to give away to one lucky person.
To enter complete the steps on the Rafflecopter form below.
Good Luck
You can find out more about Kellogg’s cereals new and old by following them at KelloggsUK on facebook.
*We were sent the 4 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal for the purpose of this review. I always give an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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