Kind LED Grow Lights Reviews – 2018

Grow lights are essential to get the most out of your hydroponics system. LED grow lights are more energy efficient than traditional grow lights, though their efficiency and quality varies. In this LED grow lights review, we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Kind LED grow lights relative to the alternatives. 

The Strengths of Kind LED Grow Lights 

The company is based in the United States, and it offers high quality products. They’re known for their durable, commercial grade grow lights. These grow lights aren’t going to stop working after a few weeks of use. 

If something does go wrong, Kind stands out for its incredible warranty and customer service. For example, they offer a free replacement or repair of any grow light that fails within ninety days of purchase. If it is found to be defective, they’ll fix it or replace it without billing you for the work. However, past day 91, you’ll have to pay for shipping the grow light to them to fix. 

If there are issues with materials or workmanship found later on, Kind brand grow lights have a three-year warranty. The only time they won’t honor the warranty is if you’re putting the grow lights in conditions they aren’t made to handle, or if you are modifying them mechanically. 

Where Kind LED grow lights excel is in the light spectrum they produce. These grow lights cover a very broad light spectrum. The LED lights manage to produce light from deep blue to green to red light. They also produce infrared light and ultraviolet light.  

This good mix of colors will give you a higher overall yield. With advanced grow lights by Kind, you can customize the color output to what is right for your plants at their current phase. Read more about the product details before you buy a particular model of Kind grow lights, because not all of them allow you this flexibility. 

These grow lights pull relatively little power because of their 3 Watt and 5-Watt LED diodes. Many units have secondary high-intensity optical lenses as well that allow you to focus the light on a trouble spot. If you’re going to keep the lights on nearly 24x7x365, the energy savings may allow you to recoup the investment relatively quickly. 

These lights have good heat control. They come with large heat sinks and strong fans. They generate less heat than an equivalent HPS light, though some heat is still generated. 

The Weaknesses of Kind Brand Grow Lights 

This LED grow lights review wouldn’t be complete without an honest assessment of the disadvantages of the product. In the case of grow lights by Kind, the biggest issue is price. You pay more than average for these premium grow lights. If you just want to cover your garden space with supplementary light in the fall or grow a few tomatoes and herbs in the corner, these lights are more than you need. If you’re maintaining a greenhouse with orchids, winter vegetables, seedlings or other plants that need a steady light at the right wavelengths for weeks in a row, then the benefits of these energy efficient grow lights are worth the price you pay for them. 

Observations About Kind Grow Lights 

If you want a photosynthetic active radiation measurement for these lights, KIND doesn’t offer that value for their lights. Instead, they offer coverage recommendations and describe lighting levels in HID equivalent wattage.  

If you want high-quality, broad spectrum LED lights, Kind LED grow lights should certainly be one of the products you consider. Check out the product information for each of their models to determine if it generates the right light for your particular application. 

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