Kindest of Stranger #thankyoustranger

Have you done something kind for a stranger? Or has a stranger done something kind for you?

Anthony Nolan, the UK’s blood cancer charity and bone marrow register have recently launched an online campaign with the theme ‘Kindest of Stranger’. The campaign was launched on the 16th of October and has seen people sharing stories of random acts of kindness.

In the video above you can see people talking about times they have experienced a random act of kindness or times when they have shown someone an act of kindness. I love the idea behind the campaign, it highlights how a small act of kindness from a stranger can have a long and lasting impact.

Watching the video got me thinking about occasions I have experienced an act of kindness from a stranger and also occasions when I have shown an act of kindness.

The most recent occasion was when I gave away concert tickets to 3 strangers. I bought tickets to the British Summer Time concert in London and was really looking forward to going to London for the day to see the concert. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and the day before the concert it was clear I wouldn’t be able to go. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t go and also that the tickets were going to go to waste. On the morning of the concert I was on Twitter and there were a few people tweeting about the concert and asking if anyone was selling tickets. The concert was in the early afternoon so I decided to put out a tweet offering the tickets to people who wanted to go to the concert. The three tickets went very quickly to three really happy and grateful people, I didn’t ask for any money for the tickets as I was just happy they weren’t going to waste and people would be able to enjoy the concert. Being able to make other people smile is a great feeling and I will continue to show random acts of kindness to strangers wherever I can.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about an occasion when a stranger helped me, so be sure to stop by and find out how they helped and stopped my holiday from almost being a disaster!

If you would like to get involved in the campaign it’s really easy, leave a comment below letting me know about a time a stranger has helped you or you have helped a stranger or tweet using the hash tag #thankyoustranger.

You can find out more about the campaign by following Anthony Nolan on Twitter and using the hash tag #thankyoustranger or by visiting the Anthony Nolan website.

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