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Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

The idea of what constitutes the perfect kitchen evolves and changes every year, which is why it’s important to keep up with current trends, or better yet, predict the latest design trends before they arrive. Here are a few to look out for in 2019. 

Multi-Use Sinks 

Kitchen sinks can often be quite a basic, functional feature of the room – but with a bit of thought and creativity, they can become a positive asset for your kitchen rather than a simple necessity. In 2019, we could well see the growing popularity of multi-use sinks, with modern designers including the likes of removable cutting boards, integrated coasters and pot holders into the same space. A sleek, stylish and economical option for those with smaller kitchens. 

French Door Fridges 

It seems space-saving is a common theme in possible trends we could see in 2019, and that extends to your fridge freezer. So-called ‘American Style’ fridge freezers are already pretty widely-used in, you guessed it, America, but their presence is now spreading to other parts of the globe. Squeezing in a full-extension drawer and storage bins below the wide-open shelf spaces above, they’re a great option for ergonomic-minded homeowners. 

Suspended Lighting 

Having a tastefully-designed light hanging from the ceiling can provide an interesting centre point of the entire kitchen, and over the last few years they have gone from being an odd quirk to a feature that has been embraced far more widely. 


Another new design feature you’re likely to see a whole lot more of is two-toned cabinet colours. It’s a brave option, but when done correctly with plenty of thought behind the idea you can make your kitchen really stand out without breaking the bank. You could contrast the colour of your upper and lower cabinets, or mix up the colours side-by-side, but really it’s up to you. 

Darker Colours 

White cabinets have been a staple feature of kitchens for many years now, but 2019 could see the darker colour of the palette slowly creep into the equation. Expect to see many more darker shades of cabinets of appliances in kitchens – but if you’re planning to implement this design feature yourself, be wary that the new colours don’t end up overpowering the kitchen, giving it the not-so-desirable feeling of always being dark. 

Versatile Kitchen Islands 

Carefully-designed islands have always looked fantastic in the kitchen, serving as a hub for the room and a natural gathering point for guests during dinner parties. However, following the general trend for increased space, expect to see kitchen islands develop over the next 12 months to become far more multi-use than before. Think fold-away seating, additional pull-out drawers and even under-counter utensils and appliances. 

It’s always interesting to hear about possible kitchen design trends, and being aware of them in advance could shape any future renovations and remodels you have in mind. We’re seeing a few unmistakeable overall trends here, with homeowners increasingly looking for innovative new ways to create more space in their kitchen as well as introducing bolder colour schemes than ever before.

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