You may not cook professionally, but you dream of having a gorgeous, but functional, kitchen with all the equipment used by the top chefs. Unfortunately, the reality is very different from the fantasy. You have a small kitchen, not enough counter space to cook a gourmet meal, and a fridge full of basic ingredients because you can’t afford “the good stuff.”

The quality of the food in the refrigerator doesn’t matter, because a great chef, like you, can make anything taste like a meal in a five-star restaurant. The size of your kitchen shouldn’t matter either, because you’ve done very well in it so far. However, if you want to feel like a professional chef, here are a few simple ideas to make your small space function like a much bigger kitchen.

Spruce It Up

Even if the space is too small to be a professional kitchen, that doesn’t mean it can’t look like one. A sleek, laminate countertop is low-maintenance and it can look great if it has the right finish. There are a variety of kitchen sinks that can serve both your purposes and your kitchen space, so look here for some inspiration. Switching the cabinet doors for something more open, like glass, can open up the space and show off your cookware. Of course, you can also paint the kitchen

Use Your Wall Space

If most of the free space in the kitchen is on your wall, then wall-to-wall kitchen storage is your ideal solution. Build shelves from the floor (or the counter) to the ceiling and use these to store your cookbooks, potted herbs, utensils, or anything else you might need. Alternatively, if your walls are already taken up by cupboards, then put up some rails and use them to hang your pots and pans. A magnetic strip on the wall is perfect for storing chef’s knives – as long as you hang it out of reach of tiny hands. Similarly, a small spice rack won’t take up too much wall space.

Maximise Existing Storage Space

Remember, it’s not about making the kitchen itself bigger, but about finding a place for the clutter so there is more space available to work. Clear your kitchen countertops of the items you rarely use, and store them in the cupboards and cabinets. You can make more use of your corner cabinets by installing a two-tiered carousel, which will allow you to keep the items in a tucked away corner, where you can retrieve them without emptying the whole cabinet.

Light It Up

A an easy and failsafe way to make a room look bigger is to make it brighter. Light up your walls with a fresh coat of paint in a pale shade – make sure to use a satin or semi-gloss finish because it is easier to clean. Add more light either by sticking LED strip lights to shelves and under your cabinets, or use a mirror backdrop to make the space look bigger and reflect the light.

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