Learning to Write

It always amazes me how quickly children pick things up. Maxx has been practising writing and spelling over the last couple of weeks and he has managed to write his name!

The same week he learnt to write his name he taught himself to type his name out on his dads phone. He managed to send his mum a message saying “Maxx”. We were all astonished when she told us what had happened. Now he asks to borrow our phones to send text messages, it’s so cute.

Since he has learnt to spell his name he proudly announces “That is what you use to spell my name” when he sees any of the letters in his name. He has foam alphabet letters which he plays with in the bath and would stay in the bath for hours spelling out words if he was allowed.

He seems to be really enjoying learning to write although he does get bored easily so short and fun writing sessions are a must.

Some fun methods we have used to practice writing are:

  • Using finger paint to spell out letters
  • Cutting out letters from newspapers and magazines and making up words with the letters
  • Using chalk to write letters in the garden on the path
  • Playing with foam letters in the bath to spell out words
  • Write out letters and ask your child to copy them

The next word we’re hoping Maxx will learn to spell is his surname which is 8 letters long so a lot harder. I will be sure to keep you all update with his progress!

I am a very proud Aunty 🙂

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