Let’s Grow Wild This Summer!

I’m sure you have all been loving the weather we have had over the last couple of days, it has been so nice to see the sun again after such a wet and windy winter.

We spent the weekend clearing the garden, mowing the grass, preparing the soil and getting the garden toys back out of the attic. It’s so nice to finally be able to start enjoying the garden again.

We have quite a large patch of soil running up the side of our garden which currently has 2 large trees and a bush in it but there is a lot of space not being used. I hadn’t given much thought as to what we should put in there but after seeing the Grow Wild campaign video I have decided to plant some beautiful UK native wild flowers, they look beautiful and I love the idea behind the campaign. You can watch the campaign video below.

The Grow Wild campaign is bringing young people and communities together to help brighten up unloved spaces using UK native wild flowers. The idea behind the campaign is to bring communities together, brighten up unloved spaces and help support habitats for pollinating insects.

If you want to brighten up your garden and give nature a helping hand in the process head over to the Grow Wild Facebook page where you can sign up to take part in the campaign.

The first 2,000 people to sign up will receive a free packet of wild flower seeds. I have just signed up and can’t wait to plant them and see them grow. Not only will they brighten up the garden they will bring nature in to it too which is lovely.

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