Lifting The Clutter Curse In Your Home

When you arrive home from work are you greeted by the sight of piles of stuff as far as the eye can see? Are you struggling to keep on top of tidying or have you used every available nook and cranny? Clutter is a curse of many households, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re sick of stuff, here are some simple tips and tricks to try at home.

Have a clear out

If you can’t remember the last time you went through your wardrobes or had a good look at your CD, DVD or games collection, it’s high time you had a clear out. Most of us hang on to things we don’t even want or need for far longer than we should, and sometimes, being brutal is the best option. Go through each room, creating piles of things you want to keep and items you could possibly sell or donate to charity and adding stuff you don’t want to a pile for the tip. Tidy the items you do want to keep away and take some bags down to the charity shop. If you have clothing that’s in good condition, old mobile phones or books that look brand new, you could use online auction sites to generate a bit of extra cash.

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Sorting your storage

Once you’ve blitzed your belongings and there’s nothing in your home you’re not desperate to hang onto, it’s time to turn your attention to storage. There are so many ways you can store and display your possessions without taking up tons of room or taking away from the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. If you’re pushed for space, it’s particularly important to shop around for innovative space-saving storage solutions. In the bedroom, consider options like wardrobes with sliding doors, bedside tables with built-in storage and beds with drawers underneath. In the kitchen, hang shelves on the walls to hold plant pots, recipe books, jars, and utensils. You could also fit a rail to hang pots and pans or use a dresser to house crockery and display decorative items. If you have an alcove in the bathroom, you could fit shelves to create a wall-mounted display. In the living room, you can save space by buying modular furniture and looking for pieces, such as coffee tables, that have pull-out drawers.

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Giving up bad habits

Be honest. How often do you shove flyers in drawers instead of putting them in the recycling or hang onto clothes you’ve never worn for years in the hope that they’ll come back into fashion? How frequently do you sling your clothes over the back of a chair or leave your shoes lying around by the front door? Once you’ve got your home sorted and it’s completely clutter-free, don’t go back to your old ways and start hoarding or being untidy. Put things away, keep the floors clear and make use of your new storage solutions.

If clutter is getting you down, it’s time to make some simple changes. Having stuff everywhere can stress you out, as well as making your home look cramped and untidy. Have a clear out, look at some storage options and banish those bad habits.

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