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Lighting is an aspect of interior design that you can really have fun with. You can experiment with different styles in different rooms, and use different styles, colours and finishes to get the desired effect. Last year, we were introduced to the concept of smart lighting – using mobile phone apps to control lighting in the home – and whilst we won’t see any big technological innovations like that this year, we can expect to see some new (and old!) trends coming through.

Midcentury Modern

Shows like Mad Men re-introduced the concept of midcentury modern to interior design, and in 2017, we can expect to see it everywhere in lighting. Fixtures will be iconic and timeless, with clean lines. Pendant lighting works best if you’re looking for midcentury modern design, and they really make a statement in your home. If you just want to experiment, invest in a midcentury modern centrepiece (like a pendant chandelier) and keep the rest of the lighting simple.

Minimalist LED

If you like your home to look minimalist and contemporary, you will want to embrace the trend for simple LED lighting. LEDs are some of the most technologically advanced forms of lighting, and they are often combined with a clean, simple design that looks amazing in a contemporary style home. LED also saves you money, as the bulbs use a lot less energy than halogen bulbs, so although it may cost you more initially, you’ll soon start saving money on your bills. LED lights work really well under cabinets, as the bulbs don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs, meaning you use them in small spaces.

Go for Gold

Interior designers have been using a lot of silver in previous years, but gold has definitely made a comeback for 2017. We’ve seen it used on end tables and in the kitchen, but you can expect to start seeing it in lighting too. Gold fixtures will really capture the attention of any visitors to your home and you can mix it with other metals for a luxe vibe. Plus, so many different lighting companies are offering gold fixtures, so you’re sure to find one that really works for the space that you have.

Retro and Industrial

We have come to associate industrial interior design with a warehouse look, and whilst this is still popular, you will start to see sleeker finishes coming through. The lighting fixtures will still look rustic and stripped back, but you’ll see varied tones in the metal and different shapes. If you’ve ever been worried that using industrial features in your home will make it look like a factory, now is the time to experiment!

Statement fixtures

Using bigger statement fixtures will always give your home the wow factor. Always use larger fixtures in the centre of a room, for the maximum effect. Pendant kitchen lighting over an island works well, as does using statement lighting over the dining table. You can even use statement lighting outdoors to highlight the best areas of your garden.

Will you be experimenting with the lighting in your home this year? Always remember to hire a qualified electrician if you’re planning to change fixtures!

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