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Lingerie over the Years – #DecadesOfLingerie

I have to admit that I find it fascinating how things have changed over the years, clothes, technology, hairstyles… Things are always changing, adapting, growing and I love looking back to see how things have evolved.

Today I’m looking back at how lingerie has changed over the years, Belle Lingerie created a great infographic (see below) which shows how lingerie has changed as part of their #DecadesOfLingerie campaign.

Women’s lingerie has transformed a lot over the decades, what was once created to keep us covered/preserve modesty (some would say oppress!) has changed to be items that are created to make us feel good and empower us – as it should be I think you’d agree?!

It’s incredible to think it has been over 100 years since the invention of the bra and thank god (or Mary Phelps Jacob to be precise) for that! I don’t think I would be a big fan of the 1870’s and the Pantaloons, I couldn’t imagine wearing that on a hot summers day but that’s what it was like for most women at that time.

My mum always tells me that fashion comes back around and I’m starting to think she’s right! Seeing the petticoat of the 1830’s reminds me of the undergarment she used to have when I was growing up although I think they were called an underskirt but they served the same purpose as the petticoat from the 1830’s. I don’t see the Pantaloons coming back into fashion but I guess you can never say never!

Although I can appreciate the different looks for each decade and how far things have come, I’m glad I get to experience today’s choices when it comes to lingerie. We now have much more freedom to express ourselves with our choice of clothes, including lingerie. We’re lucky that we have a huge choice with different styles, sizes, shapes, and colours to suit everyone. Today’s lingerie trends are for comfort (goodbye underwire) and style and why shouldn’t we have the best of both worlds?!

What is your favourite decade from the infographic below?

*Collaborative post

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