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One of my goals for 2017 is to finish getting my home how I would like it. I still have a few items to buy and I need to decide on whether I want to decorate the walls and what other decorative items I want. There are a few items I’m pretty set on such as a grey corner sofa, a long tv unit, a cosy rug and a few prints for the wall, but there’s a lot I’m not so sure about such as the colour scheme and furniture style/colour.


Top of my list of living room furniture is a corner sofa. I love the fact they’re usually quite big and comfortable which means you can really stretch out and relax on them. I’m pretty set on a grey corner sofa, they look really stylish and they go with pretty much any colour scheme. Although I wouldn’t rule out a bright coloured sofa because I’ve seen a few instances where they look amazing, I’m just not sure I’m brave enough.


I have wooden flooring in my living room and although it’s lovely, it can be quite cold. That’s why I have decided to get a large rug to cover the main living room area, this will help add some different textures to the room, some colour, and of course will keep my feet warm too. I really like the simple scandi style rugs similar to the one above.

Floor light

Unfortunately, my living room is quite dark no matter what time of day it is so a large floor light is something I have been looking at which will help bring brighten up the room when needed. I prefer to have a small light on as oppose to the main light when it’s a little dull. I’m not 100% set on the style or colour but at the moment I’m leaning towards a copper lamp in the style above.


When I was searching for a new TV unit I fell in love with the one above as soon as I saw it. I love the clean white lines and the touch of wood. The unit featured in the photo above isn’t actually available to buy, it was created using items from the Ikea Besta range I believe, but I love it and would love to create or buy something similar, although perhaps with storage underneath too. I will also be getting either a coffee table for the middle of the room or some side tables.

Photo Wall

Having a photo wall has become hugely popular over the last couple of years and it’s easy to see why. Photo walls can bring a lot of colour and personality to a room which otherwise might be dull and boring. I really like the idea of a photo wall above my sofa with some personalised photos and a few prints. Adding a selection of different style and colours of frames will make the wall a really eye-catching feature.


I haven’t made a firm decision on whether or not to paint the walls. At the moment they’re cream and that’s fine, but I’m not sure whether to paint them all white or even have a feature wall (maybe a navy or dark blue). I have been looking on Pinterest for inspiration and pinning a lot of home decor pics so feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you’re also looking for home decor ideas.

I’m probably forgetting a few things, but the above covers the main things I want to buy/do this year. I’m excited to finally see it all coming together and adding more of my personality and style to the room. After the living room, I will be moving on to the other rooms so do check back if you would like to see the finished article and find out how I’m planning to decorate the other rooms.

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