What do you see when you look out of your kitchen window and into your back garden? If your eyes are greeted by a picturesque landscape that’s perfectly pruned to within an inch of its life – well, congratulations! It sounds dreamy. But if your vision is instead met by an overgrown, weed-ridden mess, chances are you feel less than thrilled by this sight. Many of us become so preoccupied with decorating our homes that our gardens simply become neglecting. The problem with neglecting your outside space is that once it has started to become overgrown, it is difficult to know how to stop the process or where to begin when tackling it. Often, things can get so bad so quickly that many people simply write their gardens off as a lost cause. But this is such a shame – especially when our gardens can bring so much joy to our lives (as well as raising the value of our homes). If you are feeling like enough is enough and you’re ready to bite the bullet, here are a few cheap things you can do to make your garden somewhere to be proud of.

Get snap happy with your garden shears

Don’t own a pair of what to the untrained eye, looks like a pair of giant, overgrown scissors? Borrow a pair of shears from a family member or from a neighbour, and get to work ridding your garden of all the excess plants and weeds that have sprung up. If your lawn is extremely overgrown and stands and more than a few inches high, trim it down by hand prior to getting out a lawnmower. Grass that is too long, coarse or thick may end up blocking your lawnmower. Once all the mess is out of the way, you may be surprised at how much better the place looks already, and how much space you actually have.


It isn’t just your house that you are able to decorate, you know? If you are not naturally green-fingered, you can always spruce up your back yard with a little bit of interior design as well. Landscape design can easily be done in such as way that reflects you own tastes, so that your home and garden flow as one. Hang some wind chimes in your trees to help create a peaceful atmosphere, and give guests somewhere to sit with some stylish furniture. You can  easily learn about Bridgman offers online, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your garden a comfortable place to spend time in.

Learn the basics

Even if you’ve never been able to keep a houseplant alive for more than three days, don’t write yourself off as a disgrace to gardening! Providing your soil is of a decent quality, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to plant and grow some cheap, manageable flowers. Pansies and peonies are particularly sweet and colorful, and will brighten up your flowerbeds in no time. Even budget-friendly flowers like these can easily make you smile next time you catch sight of your garden through your kitchen window.

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