Maintaining The Beauty Of Different Types Of Antique Silver

All metals need to be looked after properly so that their beauty and quality is maintained. Nevertheless, extra special attention needs to be paid to antique metals.

If you are lucky enough to own a piece of antique silver then don’t neglect it. You need to give it the proper love and care it deserves because whilst it is stunning it is also a very soft metal too. Therefore, without proper care, you are stimulating the tarnishing of the metal. Aside from tarnishing, there are other issues that need to addressed, relating to certain silver products; for example, dealing with cleaning candle wax off of a silver candlestick or getting rid of a tea stain on a silver cup.

Your silver could be worth a lot of money if you look after it properly. If you read up on why you should sell your antiques online, you will get a better understanding of this.

Let’s begin with tarnishing, as this affects all types of silver. When your antique silver begins to tarnish the beauty of it is seriously compromised. This is because the silver begins to discolour. It usually begins by going slightly yellow, however without proper treatment it will start turning brown and it will only get darker and darker. It makes the silver look dirty and grubby. Nevertheless, tarnish can easily be fixed as it does not cause permanent damage to your silver. It merely looks horrible!

There are certain things people do that actually increase the chances of tarnish building up, for example; using skin oils or creams whilst wearing a piece of antique silver jewellery. If you try and be more mindful regarding what your silver comes into contact with then you will reduce the amount of tarnish build-up. In addition to this, simply make sure you wash your silver with mild soapy water on a frequent basis.

Aside from the tarnishing of silver, there are other issues that are specific to a product type. A prime example of this is coffee and tea stains. These stains can be pesky and often difficult to remove properly with standard soap and sponge. One effective method of removal involves filling your antique pot or cup with warm water. Once you have done this add a denture cleaning tablet. You will need to leave this to stand for approximately ten minutes or so. After this time period simply pour the water down the sink and dry your silver.

Another specific issue mentioned earlier in the article is the build-up of candle wax. In order to get rid of this, all you need to do is put your candlestick in the freezer. Leave it in there for at least twenty minutes. Once you have done this you will be able to easily pull the wax off. Make sure you use your fingers to do this. Many people use a knife, yet this is highly ill-advised. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can damage your silver too.

And last but not least, there is nothing more annoying than buying a piece of silver with a label stuck to it. Nine times out of ten these seem almost impossible to remove. However, there is a simple and easy solution that most people don’t know about. All you need to do is use your hair dryer in order to soften the label. This will make it come off so much more easily.

If you use the tips mentioned in this article then you should find easy yet effective ways to maintain the beauty of your antique silver.

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