Us Brits are well known for heading to our gardens at the slightest hint of sunshine, but who can blame us when our summers are so unpredictable. We like to make the most of our gardens, especially on those nice summer days. Once your garden is summer ready you might be looking for ways to make the most of your garden over the coming months.

I have a few suggestions below which you might find helpful. My favourite being plenty of summer BBQ’s, there’s nothing nicer than the whole family gathered around enjoying the day and some nice food together.
Enjoy a family barbeque
Who doesn’t love a BBQ? I love the smell of BBQ’s during the summer months and enjoy nothing more than a day spent in the garden and an evening spent cooking some delicious food for everyone to enjoy. The great thing about barbeques is there’s one to suit every budget. You can choose from gas or charcoal and if you’re after a one-off barbeque meal you could choose a disposable one. No matter your barbeque skill level you can’t really go wrong and there are hundreds of barbeque recipes available online. Sunshine, family, friends and delicious food, what more could you want?
Make a splash
If you have children then having a paddling pool in your garden is a great way of helping them keep cool and also burn off some energy. You don’t need an Olympic sized swimming pool to be able to enjoy a splash around in the garden, children will love splashing around no matter the size of the pool. If you have a large pool it might be worth getting a pool cover to keep it clean, rather than wasting water having to refill it. If you’re an adult only household you could opt for a hot tub, you can now buy inflatable spa style hot tubs which would fit in even the smallest garden.
Garden games
It’s lovely to be able to spend time in the garden during the Summer months, it’s a great way to relax and de-stress for the whole family. If you’re looking to give your garden an element of fun and want to enjoy spend more time outdoors then why not view Hamilton Billiards snooker tables and outdoor games. Garden games can provide hours of family fun and there’s more choice than you would think snakes and ladders, a giant connect 4 style game, chess, giant dominoes and my favourite – giant Jenga!
Create a home for nature
A great way to get little ones involved in gardening and to teach them about nature along the way is to get them to help create a home for nature. You can make this as simple or as complicated as your skills allow, why not make a bird house, a bee b&b or a bug hotel. Many of these ideas can be completed using items you have lying around the garden such as bricks, old logs, pallets, unwanted wood etc. If you’re not sure where to start this give nature a home in your garden article from the RSPB is a great place to start.
I would love to know how you will be making the most of your garden this summer?

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