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Your wedding day might be about you and your partner, but what makes it extra special is having family and friends to share it with you. And as a wedding guest, there’s a whole lot of time, money and effort that goes into attending. People might have to take time off work, pay for an outfit and gift and sort out the cost of travel. While people are more than happy to do it for the ones they love, as the bride and groom it’s nice to show your appreciation. These are a few things you can do in the planning stage, which will ensure your guests are well taken care of.

Arrange Transport

If your wedding ceremony and reception are at two different venues, arranging transport between the two for guests is a nice idea. You’re not required to provide this, but it saves people hassle. Especially if they don’t know the area, or arrived at the ceremony using public transport. You could hire some cars, pay for some taxis or even hire a bus. This is beneficial as it means everyone can get to the reception in one trip and arrive at the same time.

Pay For Overnight Stay

If you have guests who will be travelling a long way to attend your wedding, you could arrange for them to stay in a hotel for the night, on you. It’s a great way to show your appreciation and is likely to make their lives a lot easier. It’s an added cost but something you could work into your wedding budget early on. Once you have sent out your save the date wedding invites and have received your RSVP’s back, you will know how many people you’ll be paying for so can work out the cost.

Provide Free Drinks

You could set up a cocktail station complete with a range of different spirits and liqueurs, mixers, chopped fruit and other garnishes. Guests can then help themselves to drinks without the added cost of continually buying from the bar. Alternatively, you could pre-mix a load of drinks in mason jars, screw on the lids and keep them on ice for your guests to help themselves. If your venue doesn’t allow you to bring in your own drinks, you could arrange ‘first drinks free’ to treat your guests. This works out a lot less expensive than a full open bar but shows people you’ve thought about them. You could also provide bottles of wine or champagne on the tables for the toasts. Again not essential but a nice touch.

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Ask For Song Requests

When you send out your RSVP’s, ask each guest to write the name of a couple of songs they’d like to hear during the night. You can then pass this along to the DJ, and everyone will hear a few tracks they love. A sure way to get everyone onto the dance floor!

Do you have any ideas for making your wedding day that bit more special for your guests?

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